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Spike A-Z Beer Glossary

Whether you're an aspiring homebrewer, an experienced craft beer enthusiast, or a professional brewmaster, we've compiled this A-to-Z list of resources, products, and informative articles to assist you on your brewing journey.


Spike A-Z Beer Glossary


Each letter represents a category, featuring links to the best of what Spike has to offer. From innovative brewing equipment and recipes to insightful blog posts on various brewing techniques, these resources are meant to enrich your brewing knowledge and skills.

Click on the hyperlinked keywords to explore the full breadth of content and equipment provided. Let's delve into the art and science of brewing with this comprehensive resource list.


  • Accessories: Collection of brewing accessories offered by Spike Brewing. 
  • Advanced Brewer: A resource for experienced brewers looking to enhance their brewing skills and knowledge. 
  • Ale vs Lager: An "Ask a Pro" article explaining the differences between Ales and Lagers.
  • Alcohol-Free: A guide to non-alcoholic beer.
  • Altbier Recipe: Translating to "old beer" in German, Altbier represents one of Germany's traditional beer styles.
  • All-in-One PRV: A pressure relief valve product for fermenters. 
  • Amber Ale Recipe: A recipe for a smoked Amber Ale brewed by Fermentation Adventures. 
  • Apparel: Spike hats, shirts, and more.
  • Ask a Pro: A blog series featuring expert advice on various brewing topics.  

Ale vs Lager: What sets them apart? 


  • Bargain Cave: Products in the Bargain Cave consist of cosmetic imperfections, logo flaws, or used items and will not affect functionality. 
  • Beer Recipes: A variety of beer recipes for both home and professional brewers.
  • Beginner's Guide to Homebrewing: A beginner-friendly brewing guide using the Spike Solo Brewing System.
  • Belgian Wit Recipe: A recipe for brewing Belgian Wit featuring Madisonville Community College.
  • Berliner Weisse Recipe: A recipe for a sour wheat beer known for its tartness, light body, and high carbonation. 
  • Bock Recipe: A Bock recipe that is full-bodied, highly drinkable, and unique. 
  • Bottling: Master the art of brewing beer with this ultimate bottling guide. 
  • Bottom Drain Tank: A specialized brewing tank designed with a bottom drain for easier and more efficient extraction. 
  • Brew KettlesVarious options of brew kettles offered by Spike Brewing. 
  • Brewing Systems: Overview and details of the brewing systems offered by Spike Brewing. 
  • Bucket Adapter: An adapter designed to mount The Spike Grain Mill directly to a bucket. 


  • Carbonation Chart: A handy guide for understanding the right levels of carbonation for different styles of beer. 
  • Carb Stone: Carbonate and oxygenate your beer with the carb stone bundle. 
  • Caster Kit: So moving your table, Conical or Tank is a breeze. 
  • Cider Guide: The expert's guide to Cider and Hard Cider. 
  • CIP Ball: Clean-In-Place (CIP) ball to help with the cleaning of brewing systems. 
  • Coffee-Infused Golden Stout Recipe: A  Golden Stout (aka Blonde Stout) recipe infused with freshly roasted coffee. 
  • Cold Brew Kit: A kit designed to help brew cold coffee. 
  • Conical Unitank: A product from Spike Brewing that combines fermentation and carbonation in one vessel. 
  • Craft Brewery Wash: For a squeaky clean post-Brew Day brewery. 


  • Deschutes Brewing: Acclaimed brewery with the Spike Nano. 
  • Diacetyl Test - An Easy DIY: A blog post providing a simple DIY method for testing diacetyl, a compound that can affect beer flavor. 
  • Dry Hop Temperatures: A post from the "Ask a Pro" series giving insights into optimal temperatures for dry hopping. 
  • Dry Hopping Tips: A useful article that provides tips and advice on the dry hopping process in brewing. 
  • Dry Irish Stout: A recipe for brewing a Dry Irish Stout beer. 
  • Dump Yeast: A resource that explains the process of yeast dumping in brewing. 
  • Dunkel Recipe: A recipe for brewing a Munich Dunkel with robust malt characteristics, full body, amber color, and a smooth mouthfeel.



  • False Bottom: A false bottom product designed for Spike Brewing Kettles. 
  • Fermenters: Find the fermenter that fits your brewing needs. 
  • Financing: Information on financing options available for Spike Brewing products. 
  • Flow: The best brew pump on the market. 
  • Flex Bracing Shelf: An additional shelf designed to provide extra stability for Spike Brewing's Flex fermenters. 
  • Flex Plus: Our Flex fermenter with the 3-Port lid able to hold pressure. 
  • Flex Thermometer - Non-Adjustable Face: A non-adjustable face thermometer designed for the Flex line of fermenters. 
  • Fresh Hop Farming: An “Ask a Pro” article detailing fresh hop farming and featuring Sauve and Son Farms.

Fermenters: Which option is right for you? 


  • Gasket: A product that helps create a seal between the different components of the brewing system. 
  • Gas Manifold: A device used in brewing to distribute gas to multiple lines from a single source. 
  • German Hefeweizen Recipe: A recipe for a German Hefeweizen Beer. 
  • Giveaway: Information about current giveaways hosted by Spike Brewing. 
  • Glycol Chiller: A product used to provide precise cooling control during the fermentation process. 
  • Gose Beer Recipe: A recipe for a historical beer style that hails from Germany.
  • Grain Mill: A grain mill for home and pro brewers. 


  • Hard Cider Guide: A detailed guide on brewing hard cider, as part of Spike's "Ask a Pro" series. 
  • Hazy IPA Recipe: A recipe from Spike Brewing's recipe collection for brewing a Hazy IPA. 
  • Heater for Conical: A product designed to provide the right heating conditions for fermentation in conical tanks. 
  • Helles Recipe: Helles, pronounced as "hell-us," is a traditional German lager beer style 
  • HERMS Coil Fitting: A compression fitting used to attach Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System (HERMS) coil. 
  • Holiday Ale (IPA) Recipe: An IPA recipe that uses roasted malts and classic American hops to create a profile with a warming finish and evergreen-like hop aromas.
  • Homebrewing: A blog featuring 10 reasons to brew beer at home.
  • Hops: A blog dedicated to hops and why they're important in beer brewing. 

Hazy IPA: An award-winning recipe for a Hazy IPA.


  • Imperial Stout Recipe: This recipe makes for a syrupy Stout with hints of coffee and a pleasing hop aroma. 
  • India Pale Lager Recipe: A recipe for a hybrid beer style that brings together the hop-forward attributes of an India Pale Ale (IPA) and the smooth, clean crispness of a lager.
  • Insulated Flex Jacket: An insulated jacket designed for the Flex line of fermenters to maintain the right temperature during fermentation. 
  • Insulated Tubing: Insulated tubing for brewing systems to prevent heat loss during transfer. 
  • International: Information about international orders and shipping for Spike Brewing products. 
  • IPA Recipe: A recipe for brewing an India Pale Ale. 



The Spike OG Kettle: The best brew kettle on the market.


  • Lager Tips: A blog featuring eight tips for brewing a great lager. 
  • Lager vs Ale: An "Ask a Pro" article explaining the differences between Lagers and Ales. 
  • Learn to Brew Beer at Home: A resource page providing information for beginners who want to start brewing beer at home. 
  • Leg Extension Set: A product designed to extend the legs of Spike Brewing's conical fermenters. 


  • Malted Barley Guide: A guide from Spike Brewing that explains the role of malted barley in beer brewing. 
  • Mexican Lager Recipe: A recipe from the Spike blog with a crisp, refreshing taste. 
  • Micro Homebrew: Information about home microbrewing. 
  • Mill Table : A table designed for holding the Spike Grain Mill during operation. 

Malted Barley Guide: The ultimate guide to malted barley for brewers. 


  • Nano Systems: Spike Brewing’s Nano brewing system. 
  • New Brewers: Information and resources for individuals new to the brewing hobby or profession. 
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer: A guide to non-alcoholic beer.
  • NPT Basket: A brewing basket with NPT fitting. 
  • NPT HERMS Coil: A Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System (HERMS) coil with NPT fitting. 


  • Oatmeal Stout Recipe: A recipe for brewing an Oatmeal Stout with a silky-smooth texture. 
  • OG Kettle: The OG Kettle from Spike Brewing, a staple piece of brewing equipment. 
  • Oktoberfest Recipe: A classic fall recipe featuring the Spike Trio System. 
  • Oxygenate: An informative page on the importance of oxygenation in brewing and how to achieve it. 
  • Oxygenation Kit: A kit designed to help brewers oxygenate their wort, promoting a healthy fermentation. 


Pilsner Beer Recipe: Brew a traditional Pilsner.


  • Quick Connect Fitting FQC x Barb: A quick-connect fitting for use in Spike Brewing's brewing systems. 
  • Quiz: An interactive quiz designed to help brewers choose the right Spike Brewing products for their needs. 


  • Racking Arm: A piece of equipment used in brewing to transfer beer without disturbing sediment. 
  • Recipes: A collection of beer recipes provided by Spike Brewing for home and professional brewers. 
  • Return Policy: Information on Spike Brewing's return policy for their products. 



  • TC HERMS Coil Fitting: A Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System (HERMS) coil fitting for tri-clamp systems. 
  • TC-100 Bundle (Conical):Manage cooling and heating for your Spike Conical Fermenter. 
  • TC-100 Bundle (Flex): Manage cooling and heating for your Spike Flex Fermenter.
  • Temp Control Coil: A coil designed for temperature control during fermentation in brewing systems. 
  • Tri-Clamp Basket: A tri-clamp basket for brewing. 
  • Tripel Recipe: Tripel pours a deep golden hue and offers a balanced blend of fruity esters, spicy phenols and a touch of Candi sugar sweetness.



  • Valve Seat: A replacement valve seat for 1.5" butterfly valves in Spike Brewing's systems.
  • Vegan Beer: A blog dedicated to all things vegan brewing. 
  • Vienna Lager Recipe: A recipe for brewing a Vienna Lager. 


  • Warranty: Information about the warranty provided for Spike Brewing products. 
  • Weizenbock Recipe: A recipe for a robust and full-bodied beer style that combines the characteristics of a German wheat beer (Weizen) and a strong, malty bock beer. 
  • Wheat Beer: A recipe for brewing an American Wheat beer. 
  • Wort Chiller: A product designed to rapidly cool boiling wort after brewing.

Wort Chiller: Speed up Brew Day with the Spike counterflow wort chiller. 


  • FleX: The most fleX-ible fermenter on the market.  


  • Yeast Harvesting: An "Ask a Pro" article on yeast harvesting, a practice that can save brewers money and provide consistency across batches. 
  • Yeast Starter Guide: An informative article discussing the use and benefits of yeast starter kits in brewing. 


  • Zymurgy: The study or practice of winemaking, beer making and fermentation.

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