Welcome to our Ask A Pro series!

We are teaming up with professional brewers across the country who will be sharing their brewing knowledge with you on common brewing techniques, myths, tips and much more to help elevate your brew day. With many of them starting off as home brewers, just like you, we're happy to start connecting you with these professionals and your passion for brewing. So keep your eyes out for more professional brewers sharing their knowledge as part of this Ask A Pro series.

  • Brewing with Fruits, Flowers, Herbs and more!

    Brewing with Fruits, Flowers, Herbs and more!

    Due to an ever-increasing explosion of craft breweries opening their doors, commercial brewers need to provide products that are strongly unique in flavours that help them stand out from the rest. In order to achieve... [Read more]

    Posted 08/09/2018

  • Dry Hop Temperatures

    Dry Hop Temperatures

    When dry hopping, attention should be paid to the temperature at which you will be adding dry hops as well as the temperature your beer will be aging with them. Dry hop temperature will affect... [Read more]

    Posted 07/26/2018

  • Yeast Harvesting

    Yeast Harvesting

    As brewers, we are always striving to make the best beer possible. Through my early years of homebrewing and into my time as a professional brewer, I have found harvesting yeast to be both fun and... [Read more]

    Posted 07/12/2018

  • Dry Hopping Tips

    Dry Hopping Tips

    In most brewing circles, either professional or home brewing, it is all about dry hopping. What technique works best? Pellets or leaf? How long before transferring off the hops? When to dry hop? And the list... [Read more]

    Posted 06/21/2018

  • Fermentation Byproducts and Yeast History

    Fermentation Byproducts and Yeast History

    By now most people in America know that beer is made from water, malt, hops and yeast. The yeast eats the sugars and creates CO2 and alcohol as scientifically shown by the equation: (Sugar) C6H12O6... [Read more]

    Posted 06/07/2018

  • Whole Cone Hops or Pellet Hops

    Whole Cone Hops or Pellet Hops

      Among brewers, the “controversy” surrounding which to use has swirled on for years. Some brewers (Sierra Nevada, Deschutes, Victory, et al.) hold to the ideal that whole cone hops provide a definitive and unique... [Read more]

    Posted 05/25/2018

  • Gelatin Finings: The Clear Choice

    Gelatin Finings: The Clear Choice

    A well made beer does not have to be crystal clear to taste its best, but if you want to produce a brilliantly clear beer instead of a persistently hazy beer knowing the right strategies... [Read more]

    Posted 05/10/2018

  • Yeast Starter Kits

    Yeast Starter Kits

      As a homebrewer for 10 years before I started Gathering Place Brewing Company, there are a few purchases that really helped elevate my game. A corny keg cut down on the time I spent waiting... [Read more]

    Posted 04/27/2018

  • Cold Crashing

    Cold Crashing

    Cold crashing is a practice used by brewers traditionally to improve the clarity of beer prior to transferring out of fermentation. The process involves lowering the temperature of the beer after fermentation is completed and... [Read more]

    Posted 04/12/2018

  • An Easy DIY Diacetyl Test

    An Easy DIY Diacetyl Test

    Have you ever had a beer that, as it warmed up, gave off the flavor and aroma of movie theater popcorn butter? That’s diacetyl and it is a very common (and preventable!) off flavor. Diacetyl... [Read more]

    Posted 03/28/2018