Welcome to our Ask A Pro series!

We are teaming up with professional brewers across the country who will be sharing their brewing knowledge with you on common brewing techniques, myths, tips and much more to help elevate your brew day. With many of them starting off as home brewers, just like you, we're happy to start connecting you with these professionals and your passion for brewing. So keep your eyes out for more professional brewers sharing their knowledge as part of this Ask A Pro series.

  • Keys to Scaling Your Beer Recipe

    Keys to Scaling Your Beer Recipe

    When it comes to scaling a beer recipe, Adam Ross has notable experience. With ten-plus years as a homebrewer, a certified Cicerone and now head brewer at newly-opened Twin Span Brewing in Bettendorf, Iowa, he’s... [Read more]

    Posted 11/13/2020

  • Using yeast for beer complexity

    Using yeast for beer complexity

    Looking to Add More Complexity to Your Beer? A lot of things add flavor and aroma to beer. Malts, hops, sugars, spices, fruits and water all contribute to the sensory aspects of your beer. Often... [Read more]

    Posted 03/07/2019

  • Aerating your Wort

    Aerating your Wort

    Why should you aerate your wort? At Brewster Bros. Brewing Co., we believe that wort aeration is essential to ensure a complete fermentation cycle. Aeration is simply adding oxygen to wort prior to fermentation. This... [Read more]

    Posted 02/13/2019

  • Water Chemistry

    Water Chemistry

    Water chemistry is a fairly important component to your brewing, whether you realize it or not. Water is, after all, the largest component in your beer! Unfortunately, water chemistry can be intimidating and is not... [Read more]

    Posted 01/24/2019

  • Pressurized Fermentation

    Pressurized Fermentation

    With new equipment hitting the home brewing market every day, there hasn't been a better time to be a home brewer. Technology is finally catching up to what's available professionally for brewers and the techniques... [Read more]

    Posted 10/11/2018

  • Bittering Additions

    Bittering Additions

    There are numerous ways to add bitterness to beers. The four main ways that I have used in my career are: Mash Hops A First Wort or pre-boil addition A 90 kettle addition A 60... [Read more]

    Posted 08/23/2018

  • Brewing with Fruits, Flowers, Herbs and more!

    Brewing with Fruits, Flowers, Herbs and more!

    Due to an ever-increasing explosion of craft breweries opening their doors, commercial brewers need to provide products that are strongly unique in flavours that help them stand out from the rest. In order to achieve... [Read more]

    Posted 08/09/2018

  • Dry Hop Temperatures

    Dry Hop Temperatures

    When dry hopping, attention should be paid to the temperature at which you will be adding dry hops as well as the temperature your beer will be aging with them. Dry hop temperature will affect... [Read more]

    Posted 07/26/2018