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Imperial Stout Recipe with Tridentine Brewing

Imperial Stout Recipe

The Brewers: Tridentine Brewing 

For the Alcorn family, brewing really does run in the family. Jeffery (the head brewmaster) and his two sons, Trevor and Cameron, make up Tridentine Brewing, a family homebrewing operation founded in 2019.

Jeffery was first taught how to homebrew in the mid 1990's by his father-in-law. Back then, brewing was done in plastic buckets, with conditioning performed in 2 liter plastic bottles. Although those days are long gone, Tridentine stays true to the traditional themes of God and country, instilled by their patriarch.

Imperial Stout Recipe

The Alcorn’s went with the Spike Trio and Conicals for two reasons: “A majority of Spike’s equipment is 90% made in the USA and the products ooze quality,” Trevor says. “You aren't going to receive a piece of equipment made of inferior steel, put together hurriedly with weld lines, scratches, or dents. Every piece that you receive from Spike is as if they made it for their own personal brewery.”

Knowing “why” you are brewing is the key ingredient for success. "It makes things as mundane as cleaning out a kettle after a successful Brew Day much more meaningful,” Trevor says. "Brewing is a fantastic way to stay connected and have a shared hobby."

The Beer: Imperial Stout

The beer name, Dies Irae or “Day of Wrath” in English, comes from the most awe-inspiring track on Mozart’s Requiem Mass composition.

Attaining peak darkness, this syrupy Stout has hints of coffee and a pleasing hop aroma. Chocolate wheat is added to help head retention. The beer also has an ABV of 10.2%, which is a win in our book.

Imperial Stout Recipe

Starting boil volume is 18.5 gallons. Consider using a cooling coil during fermentation, as Nottingham Ale Yeast is aggressive and will generate heat, possibly driving temperature out of optimal range.

Dies Irae Imperial Stout won four medals at various homebrew competitions around the U.S. last year. 

Imperial Stout Recipe


The Recipe: Dies Irae



  • 37 lbs Pale Two Row
  • 2.7 lbs Carabelge Malt
  • 2.7 lbs Double Roasted Crystal Malt
  • 1.5 lbs Chocolate Malt
  • 0.9 lbs Black Patent Malt
  • 0.9 lbs Roasted Barley
  • 1.8 lbs Pale Chocolate Malt
  • 1.8 lbs Chocolate Wheat


  • Boil hops: 5 oz Cluster (7% aa) - 2:00 hr
  • Boil hops: 3 oz US Northern Brewer (9% aa) - 0:02 min
  • Dry hops: 2 oz Galaxy (15.7% aa) - 2 days


  • Lallemand Nottingham Ale Yeast


BATCH SIZE: 12 gal

OG: 1.105

FG: 1.021

IBU: 44

ABV: 10.9%



BOIL: 165min

FERMENTATION: 68ºF - 5-6 days


Imperial Stout Recipe


The Alcorn Family - Tridentine Brewing


Spike Summarizes: All Things Stout Beer

What Is Stout Beer?

Stout beer, known for its intense flavors and dark hues, is crafted with roasted malt or barley, hops, water, and yeast. With ABV percentages ranging from 4% to 10%, stouts come in black to deep brown shades and can taste sweet or bitter.

The flavor profiles vary greatly, with hints of coffee, chocolate, caramel, roasted malt, molasses, licorice, and oatmeal.

What Is the History of Stout Beer?

Travel back to the 1600s in England, where the stout story begins. Initially, "stout" simply referred to a robust, dark beer. Stout was originally the bolder cousin of porter, a popular dark beer brewed in London.

Fast forward to the 18th century, when stout beer became the talk of the town among Londoners. Taverns and pubs eagerly served this rich brew, and brewers dabbled in new ingredients and techniques to produce diverse styles.

The 19th century brought the rise of stout beer giants like Guinness, Mackeson, and Bass.

Today, stout beer is one of the most beloved beer styles worldwide. From traditional dry stouts to imperial, milk, oatmeal, and barrel-aged stouts, there's a stout for every beer aficionado.

What Do I Pair With Stout Beer?

Stout beer is an incredibly versatile and delightful beverage that can be savored in numerous ways. Sure, it's great on its own, but why stop there?

Food Pairings: A match made in heaven! Pair your stout with rich, savory dishes like a steak or a burger. Got a sweet tooth? Try chocolate cake or brownies. Stouts also play well with creamy dishes like macaroni and cheese – cutting through the richness and balancing the flavors.

Ingredient Boost: Transform your drinks! Add a stout shot to hot cocoa or coffee for a depth of flavor. Create lip-smacking cocktails like a Black and Tan (stout and pale ale) or a Black Russian (stout and vodka).

Cooking Companions: Stout's bold flavor adds a kick to your dishes, enhancing beef stew, chili, or even chocolate cake. Its tenderizing powers make it perfect for marinades and slow-cooked meals.

What are the Types of Stout Beer?

Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout is a powerful and intense stout beer made with a high percentage of roasted barley and hops.

This full-bodied beer has a deep, complex flavor profile, and its high alcohol content (8-12% ABV) is complemented by notes of coffee and dark chocolate.


Milk Stout

Milk Stout, also known as Sweet Stout, is a creamy, sweet stout beer made with lactose sugar. This sugar contributes to the beer's distinct sweetness, body, and texture.


Dark in color with a mild roasted flavor, milk stouts are a great choice for a lighter beer or as an after-dinner drink or dessert accompaniment.


Smoked Porter

A stout beer with a smoky flavor derived from smoked malt used during brewing, Smoked Porter is a full-bodied beer with robust flavors of chocolate, coffee, and roasted nuts.

Pair it with barbeque, smoked meats, aged cheeses, chocolate cake, or brownies.

Barrel-Aged Stout

A unique stout beer aged in wooden barrels, Barrel-Aged Stout has a complex flavor profile and higher alcohol content than other stouts.

The aging process imparts flavors of oak, vanilla, and caramel, and the beer can be aged from six months to two years.


Oatmeal Stout

Featuring a unique flavor and texture profile from the addition of oats during the brewing process, Oatmeal Stout has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and sweet, nutty flavor.

Ranging from sweet and malty to slightly roasted, it pairs well with a variety of dishes, from seafood to desserts.


Coffee Stout

Infused with coffee, Coffee Stout is a popular dark beer with a strong coffee aroma and flavor. Often enjoyed as an after-dinner drink or dessert accompaniment, it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or a refreshing beer for a summer day.


Breakfast Stout

A unique beer brewed with coffee, oatmeal, and chocolate, Breakfast Stout has a rich, bold flavor with a smooth, slightly sweet finish. Pair it with smoked meats, omelets, or other breakfast favorites, or enjoy it as a morning pick-me-up.


Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout is a delightful take on stout beer, brewed with dark malts, cocoa powder, or chocolate for a rich, indulgent flavor. Often enjoyed with desserts or spicy dishes, this beer has a complex mix of sweet, roasted malts, dark chocolate, and hints of coffee.

Dry or Irish Stout

Originating in Ireland, Dry or Irish Stout is known for its dark color, dry roasted flavor, and low alcohol content, making it a perfect session beer. Roasted barley gives it its unique flavor and color. Served on nitro taps, this beer offers a creamy, smooth texture.

Pair it with grilled meats, fish, or salads, and enjoy a flavorful yet light beer experience.

What Kind of Beer Is a Stout?

A stout is a dark, full-bodied beer made with roasted malt or barley, hops, water, and yeast, featuring flavors like chocolate, coffee, roasted, smoky, and sweet notes. The alcohol content can range from 4-8% ABV, depending on the style.

Is Stout Beer a Dark Beer?

Yes, a stout is considered to be a dark beer, made with roasted malt or barley, hops, water, and yeast. It’s characterized by its full-bodied flavor.


Does Stout Have a Higher Alcohol Content?

Stout beer often has higher alcohol content than other beers, ranging from 4-8% ABV, depending on the style. Check the label to know the alcohol content of a specific beer.


What Is Another Name for Stout Beer?

Stout beer is also called "black beer," known for its full-bodied flavor profile with chocolate, coffee, roasted, smoky, and sweet notes.


Is Coffee Beer a Stout?

Coffee beer is a stout beer variety brewed with coffee beans, featuring flavors like chocolate, coffee, roasted, smoky, and sweet notes. Its alcohol content ranges from 4-8% ABV, depending on the style.


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