Welcome to our Spike Spotlight series!

We love to see how customers are using their Spike equipment and sharing what makes their brew days unique. See what these Spike users are up to on their brew days and the stories that go along with them below!

  • Traveling Circus Brewing

    Traveling Circus Brewing

    From passionate craft beer drinkers to passionate craft beer brewers, Brant, Mike, Dave and Matt joined forces and are now known as Traveling Circus Brewing. [Read More]

    Posted 12/04/2018

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  • Mike V.

    Mike V.

    As a Toronto police officer, Mike V. is exposed to traumatic events daily. He turned to homebrewing as an escape and a way to explore his creative side. Read more.

    Posted 11/08/2018

  • Past spotlights

  • Past spotlights

  • Aaron R.

    Aaron R.

    Aaron has a mega BIAB setup before using his 30 gallon Spike kettle. See more of Aarons’ setup and story! [Read more]

    Posted 10/04/2018

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