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Micro Homebrew

Micro Homebrew in Kenmore, WA got its start in 2014. Owner Tony Ochsner had an auto repair business in the same building when a retail space became available. An avid homebrewer, Tony decided to open a homebrew supply store to support a burgeoning community of local brewers. Business boomed and 6 months later, he needed a bigger space.

The key to Micro Homebrew’s success has been its team. “They are first and foremost homebrewers that love to talk about brewing. We accept there are many different ways to brew and we support however our customers want to brew,” says Tony.

When a customer visits Micro Homebrew they can expect to work with a friendly staff that is eager to help. The team is made up of experienced homebrewers that love to share their knowledge. They are also constantly trying to improve, learn new techniques and even collaborate with commercial breweries to further their knowledge.


    The next biggest factor for their success has been Micro Homebrew’s expansive product offerings. They stock over 100 malts, almost 100 hops, and a wide variety of yeasts. A relatively recent addition to their inventory has been Spike Brewing equipment. Tony decided to partner with Spike because “we really appreciate the quality of this equipment from the heavy stainless steel to the flawless construction. We also really like how modular it is. We can provide the customer just what they need and not a bunch of stuff they don’t”.


Tony’s advice for all homebrewers is “Just brew! Don’t overthink it. You can read all the books you want and agonize over the recipe and still end up with a beer that didn’t hit the mark. You won’t know just what the ingredients and your process will actually produce until you brew it. There is no way to get better without brewing a lot.” He also recommends supporting your local homebrew store, as there is “no substitute for the sense of community at a homebrew shop!”

We at Spike agree with Tony!


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