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Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid
Steam Condenser Lid

Steam Condenser Lid

55 reviews

From better boil off rates to eliminating the need for an expensive exhaust fan, the Spike Steam Condensing Lid is an indoor brewing must have. Condensation belongs on your glass, not your walls.

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Built to transform steam into liquid during the boil, the Spike Steam Condensing Lid (SCL) lets you brew inside without worrying about moisture collecting on your walls and ceiling, which can cause mold issues. The SCL also easily replaces going through the trouble of installing a hood for indoor brewing.

These lids are not only designed to fit Spike kettles but will also work with most other kettle brands on the market.

Compared to boiling without a lid, our SCL has a 50% reduced boil-off rate and results in a ~6% total boil-off.

Technical Details 

  • Third-party lab tested to show that DMS is completely undetectable (under 25 ppb) after only 30-45 minutes of boiling 
  • Compatible with Spike Kettles and the Spike Solo
  • 1.5" tri-clamp port for CIP ball
  • 4" tri-clamp port for hop additions
  • Water usage: 
    • 15 gallons/hour for 10g, 15g & 20g lids 
    • 25 gallons/hour for 30g &. 50g lids

What’s Included?

  • Lid
  • Pump
  • Condenser Mister
  • Piping
  • Clamps
  • Gaskets
  • Barbs & caps

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Mike S.
United States

Condenser lid

Works really well, I’m able to keep water in my brew and the room doesn’t fill up with condensation. I’ve used it three times so far

United States United States

Great I had no steam issues. And no off flavor in the beer. Thanks for making a great product.

Michael M.
United States United States

Steam Condenser Lid

Lid has worked great! I am so happy we purchased this and it is a worthy investment.

Abiesel M.
United States United States

Stream Condenser Lid

Great tool, excellent performance. No more brewing with the garage door open

Rob B.
United States United States

Innovative product

I had the opportunity of brewing on my new 15 gallon Spike Brewing Solo+ system a few weeks back and was able to use the steam condenser lid. I was very impressed with the performance. I'm brewing in my basement so I wanted to avoid the steam build-up on the walls and the humidity in the basement. It eliminated all steam release during the boil. Obviously, when you are mashing and draining, there will be some steam released but not as much as if you were boiling with an open top. One of the things to keep in mind is that this lid dramatically reduces your boil-off percent, so factor this into your brewing software. You will surprisingly end up with a lot more wort than you were originally anticipating. Also, the condensate tube (returns your hot steam-turned-water to the cooling bucket) must be above your cooling water level at all times. If you're cooling water level rises to submerge the end of your condensate tube, the vacuum effect inside the condenser lid will cease to operate and you will get steam escaping from under the lid. A concern purchasing this was the amount of water that this would consume. To me, using 15-20 gallons of water to cool one brew session's worth of steam is not an eco-friendly way to brew. My hack to address this was to put enough water to cover the steam lid pump in a bucket and then add a whole bunch of frozen cooling blocks that I've had sitting around in my freezer. This dramatically lowered the temperature of the water and allowed me to go through a nice chunk of my boil without having to fill any water from the tap back into the pump bucket ( and this was for a 90 minute boil). I did have to dump off some of the water from the bucket twice (into the washing machine) and start again with some cool water from the tap but, again, I only added enough water to really cover the pump and let the cooling b!ocks help decrease the temperature of the cooling water. You will need a lot of cooling blocks for this, and i just hapened to have them sitting around. My goal is to use no more than 4 or 5 gallons of water total on this cooling process. Overall, as with all Spike Brewing products, this is a really well-built lid designed for years of use. It did it's job very well, and once you get used to using it, should be fairly flawless.

SPIKE Steam Condenser Lid Review

Brew Indoors

Whether you’re in your basement, garage or kitchen, it’s nice to know you won’t be battling the elements on Brew Day. But once inside, the new battle becomes steam. The SCL captures steam by using a misting nozzle to convert it back into liquid that can be captured.

No Hood Needed

A common way to deal with steam in your indoor brewery was an exhaust hood. The SCL is less expensive, quieter and doesn’t require any reconstruction of your house. Ditch the exhaust hood!

4” Tri-Clamp Port

During boiling, you’re going to be adding hops. If you're an IPA drinker, you’re probably adding a lot of hops. That’s why we added a large 4” port to the top of the lid. The 4” tri-clamp port comes standard with our clear cap. Simply pop this cap off and add your hop additions! The clear cap also allows you to see when you have a perfect rolling boil.

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Compatible with Most Kettles

The SCL is not only designed to fit Spike kettles but will also work with most other kettle brands on the market.

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The SCL is turnkey, ready to use right out of the box! Other options on the market are more DIY and require holes to be punched in your kettle. Do you know how hard it is to punch holes in stainless steel? We do, and it’s definitely not something you’d want to do yourself.

03 / 05


Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) is a sulfur compound that is typically considered an off-flavor in beer at high concentrations and is introduced into beer from the thermal decomposition (wort heating) of S-methylmethionine (SMM) produced in the embryo of barley during germination. Brewers have been told time and time again to boil with the lid off, as this allows off-flavor compounds to escape. However, the Steam Condensing Lid is different. The misting nozzle in the outlet tube cools the steam and condenses that into liquid. That condensing process creates a vacuum in the tube which effectively sucks the steam and off flavors out of your kettle. We knew there would be skeptics, so we enlisted UW-Milwaukee’s renowned chemistry lab to test DMS samples with the SCL on. The data showed DMS levels were below human detectable levels (50ppb) after only 30 minutes of boiling— almost half the time most recipes call for! To read the full DMS lab report, click the button HERE.

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Clean in Place Port Standard

Clean in Place (CIP) is a common phrase on the pro side of brewing. As you can imagine, it’s not easy trying to take a massive brew kettle to a sink to scrub...and by not easy we mean impossible. Instead, pro brewers use a CIP ball and a pump to clean their kettles, and now so can you! Add our optional CIP ball to the 1.5” tri-clamp port on your SCL and connect it to your brew pump. The pump will spin the ball and power wash your kettle. The easiest way to clean yet!

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Low Water Usage

The SCL is designed to use a supply and drain bucket (we recommend 5-gallon plastic buckets) to feed the system with water. The supply bucket is filled with cool water at the start of your boil. As it starts to boil, turn on the pump for the SCL and the supply bucket will slowly pump into the drain bucket. Once the drain bucket is full, you can swap the buckets and now the full drain bucket becomes your supply— reduce, reuse and recycle! Continue to reuse the same water until it’s about 120 degrees Fahrenheit or too hot to put your hand into. This hot water can be saved and used for cleaning after your Brew Day.

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