Steam Condenser Lid

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  • Steam Condenser Lid
  • Steam Condenser Lid
  • Steam Condenser Lid
  • Steam Condenser Lid
  • Steam Condenser Lid



Built to transform steam into liquid during the boil, our steam condenser lid will enable you to brew inside without worrying about moisture collecting on your walls and ceiling, which can cause mold issues. These lids are not only designed to fit Spike kettles, but will also work with most other kettle brands on the market.

From a better boil-off rate to major cost savings and conveniences, you will find many benefits by adding this to your brew setup.

Features & Specs:

  • Replaces the need to install a hood for indoor brewing
  • Prevents mold from forming on walls and ceiling
  • Third-party lab tested to show that DMS is completely undetectable (under 25 ppb) after only 30-45 minutes of boiling (report HERE)
  • Discharge water will be hot and can be used for cleaning
  • Compared to boiling without a lid, our SCL has a 50% reduced boil-off rate and results in a ~6% total boil-off.
  • Compatible with Spike Kettles and the Spike Solo
  • 1.5" tri-clamp port for CIP ball
  • 4" tri-clamp port for hop additions
  • Water usage (recirculating discharge water until it reaches 120F):
    • 5 gallons/hour for 10g, 15g & 20g lids
    • 8 gallons/hour for 30g &. 50g lids
  • Lid, pump, condenser mister, piping, clamps, gaskets, barbs & caps included with purchase
  • For more information, see our FAQ.
  • To get started using the lid, see our Steam Condenser Lid Product and Process guides.

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Rob B.
United States United States

Innovative product

I had the opportunity of brewing on my new 15 gallon Spike Brewing Solo+ system a few weeks back and was able to use the steam condenser lid. I was very impressed with the performance. I'm brewing in my basement so I wanted to avoid the steam build-up on the walls and the humidity in the basement. It eliminated all steam release during the boil. Obviously, when you are mashing and draining, there will be some steam released but not as much as if you were boiling with an open top. One of the things to keep in mind is that this lid dramatically reduces your boil-off percent, so factor this into your brewing software. You will surprisingly end up with a lot more wort than you were originally anticipating. Also, the condensate tube (returns your hot steam-turned-water to the cooling bucket) must be above your cooling water level at all times. If you're cooling water level rises to submerge the end of your condensate tube, the vacuum effect inside the condenser lid will cease to operate and you will get steam escaping from under the lid. A concern purchasing this was the amount of water that this would consume. To me, using 15-20 gallons of water to cool one brew session's worth of steam is not an eco-friendly way to brew. My hack to address this was to put enough water to cover the steam lid pump in a bucket and then add a whole bunch of frozen cooling blocks that I've had sitting around in my freezer. This dramatically lowered the temperature of the water and allowed me to go through a nice chunk of my boil without having to fill any water from the tap back into the pump bucket ( and this was for a 90 minute boil). I did have to dump off some of the water from the bucket twice (into the washing machine) and start again with some cool water from the tap but, again, I only added enough water to really cover the pump and let the cooling b!ocks help decrease the temperature of the cooling water. You will need a lot of cooling blocks for this, and i just hapened to have them sitting around. My goal is to use no more than 4 or 5 gallons of water total on this cooling process. Overall, as with all Spike Brewing products, this is a really well-built lid designed for years of use. It did it's job very well, and once you get used to using it, should be fairly flawless.

SPIKE Steam Condenser Lid Review
Eric L.
United States United States

Steam Condenser Lid - 20 gallon

I have a really small interior brew area so I was super excited to get this new lid and avoid the raining ceiling syndrome from some of my past brew days. It definitely performs like it is supposed too but it will take a little bit of time to figure out the right amount of power to send to the coil as I had two small boil overs. The other thing is factoring in the correct amount of water since my boil off rate was probably cut in half. I would still recommend the product as it does everything I need but it is something that will take a little bit of time to get used to. Another positive thing is the being able to hook up the CIP ball and interchange the lid between the HLT, Mash and Boil Kettle. Sure made doing the last clean & sanitize an easier process and used less product to do so. I am looking forward to my next brew day in 2-3 weeks.

Karwacki R.
United States United States

Steam condenser lid

Awesome product, will be hard plumbing it in soon.

Fadus K.
United States United States

Steam condenser lid

The steam condenser lid worked as advertised and has allowed me to brew in my garage on cold winter days without having to have the garage door open when used with my electric BIAB system. There was no noticeable steam released during my 60 minute boil. I do question the amount of water used to condense the steam and wonder if a smaller nozzle could accomplish the same task with less water being used. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

andrew m.
United States United States

Works well uses lots of H20

Definitely gets the job done. I live in a high desert and this things uses a ton of water. I wish I could find another option for a sprayer that didn't use so much water. I would say that is my only complaint. It's built very stout and looks really cool. I can maintain boil temps at 35% power which is also nice.