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Spike Solo System

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Brew beer at home! The Spike Solo system is simple to use and turnkey right out of the box. Whether you're a brewer looking to upgrade your current setup or a 20-year veteran looking to downsize, the Solo is for you.

All Solo system's come with a standard lid. If you would like to switch out the standard lid for a CIP Lid, select that add-on below and this will ship instead of the standard lid.

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Add-On - Spike Flow Out Of Stock

Add-On Benefits

Hardware needed to use with the Spike Solo included.
Wort Chiller + Bracket
Wort Chiller + Bracket - TC

Wort Chiller + Bracket Benefits

Quickly cool your wort with a counterflow wort chiller plus table bracket.
Add-On CIP Lid
Add-On CIP Lid - 10 gal
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The Solo was designed for new and experienced brewers alike! It’s made with the highest quality materials, versatile and has straightforward usability. It took two years to develop this system because we really wanted to design a turnkey system that actually works for you

One of the biggest considerations in brewing is space. The Solo has a compact footprint and is able to be stowed away nicely when Brew Day is done. A kitchen, basement, garage or even a back patio will all work for your home brewery!

When it comes to the actual brewing process the Solo can’t be beat. You’ll be able to make commercial quality beer in only 6 simple steps: heat water, add grains, filter, boil, whirlpool and chill. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Note: Pump and chiller sold separately.


  • The Spike Solo features tri-clamp fittings.
  • 10 gallon system, 2.5 to 5 gallon batches 
  • Uses only solid 304 stainless steel, no bags or mesh that can tear
  • Sanitary welded coupler design (done at our facility in Milwaukee, WI)
  • 1.2mm thick kettle walls
  • Thick stainless-steel hooks on basket easily holds wet grain on the kettle lip during vorlauf or while the basket drains
  • Bottom of the basket features precision-laser slits matching the false bottoms on our commercial brewing systems
  • Basket has tapered design to promote good flow through the grain bed
  • Heated using a powerful 120V heating element
  • Includes 6 foot power cord and 6 foot heating element cord 

Electrical Requirements:

  • Panel uses 3-wire 120V line for power and it requires a NEMA 5-15 receptacle outlet (standard household plug) that is set on a 15A breaker 

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Jeffery W.
United States United States

Love this 15 gallon bottom drain Solo

Fantastic brew system. First batch was a learning experience, but by the second batch I had adjusted my grain mill to get a larger crush size and had figured out where abouts to set the power for boiling. Now that i've got the hang of it my brew days a much more easy than they ever were with my 3 vessel system. This is also a breeze to clean, the bottom drain makes it easy to rinse everything out and into a bucket, then its just a matter of running the CIP ball and rinsing. No more soaking and scrubbing a kettle and mash tun after spending the day in a garage that was either freezing or sweltering. Being able to brew in my warm basement instead of my unheated garage during the winter is a definite plus. I am also able to pump right into my fermenter instead of trying to carry a kettle into the house to rack off to the fermenter. If you are thinking of grabbing one of these, do it.

SPIKE Spike Solo System ReviewSPIKE Spike Solo System Review
Alex S.
United States United States

Solo Bottom Drain- Great system with a few kinks

The Good -Excellent Build Quality -Simple to put together -Easy to clean -Relatively small profile compared to a three-vessel system -Temperature control is great (heats up from tap to mash in 10-20 minutes) -Tri-clamps are great and worth the upgrade The Kinks -The bottom dump will work on almost all brews, but if you have high hop rates, it can get clogged. Had they built it with a 2-inch port, I imagine there would be no chance of clogging at this scale. If you come across this, it's easy enough to unclog by pumping your cleaning solution through the bottom drain into the kettle. -The basket can drain slowly (you can google fixes, but generally tweaking your grain crush will help), leading to scorching of the element and inconsistent temperature in the mash. The "universal" design makes it so it's not perfect for the kettle. I would 100% buy a purpose-built basket to replace the current one. I also recommend getting a hoist that can help lift the basket to avoid unnecessary strain on your body. Though I won't need to due to the build quality, I would absolutely buy again. This fits well in my apartment brew space and when I decide to return to three-vessel brewing, I will be buying the Bottom Drain version of the system.

Zachary H.
United States United States

Won’t go back to front drain systems

I made sure to brew two batches in this before reviewing. Full disclosure: I built and designed a single pump, hard pipe system for this and the corresponding condenser lid, so I did not use all components included. Pros: the bottom drain is an absolute game changer. I can now do CIP and do not have to tip or move the tank. The whole kettle is fantastic. I wish I could attach pictures Cons: I wish this used induction heating. The heating element gets material stuck to it during mash and boil. Caustic cleans if off super fast, but those of you using PBW will have to soak it for hours or scrub it. The racking arm should could come with a handle instead of just an “indicator” nub. Would love to collab with spike on future design iterations, since that is what I love to do.

SPIKE Spike Solo System Review
Chuck W.
United States United States

Game Changer

This system is amazing! Hits temps quick, great recirculation, great whirlpool. Cleaning is east with the CIP Ball (glad I bought the steam condensing lid). Easy to operate!

Chuck W.
United States United States

Game Changer

This system is amazing! Hits temps quick, great recirculation, great whirlpool. Cleaning is east with the CIP Ball (glad I bought the steam condensing lid). Easy to operate!

Simplify Your Brew Day

A Solo Brew Day has 6 simple steps. Get wort into your fermenter faster and more efficiently than anything else on the market!


The Solo comes with everything needed to brew right out of the box. 

Note: Pump and chiller sold separately.

Compact Footprint

The Solo will easily fit in any kitchen, garage or basement. If you have access to a proper electrical outlet, you’re good to go. When Brew Day is complete, stow it away nicely until next time.


There’s two main ways to heat your brewing system—gas or electric. It’s the difference between Fred Flintstone and Elon Musk. Electric is safer (there isn’t a hot flame giving off dangerous gases like carbon monoxide), less expensive (a tank of propane is about $20 while a Solo Brew Day costs about $2) and offers more control. With the touch of a button or flip of a switch, you can control everything from temperature to pumps.

Spike Solo Brew Day

Watch as homebrewer Zach makes a delicious IPA on his Spike Solo System. 

Solo Panel Engineering Q&A

The Spike Solo Panel is so easy to use your 90-year old grandma can brew with it. We know because we designed it that way. Watch as Josh and Adam walk you through the ins, outs and all the engineering speak in-between. 

Spike Solo Brew Day

Spike Solo Brew Day

Watch Video
Solo Panel Engineering Q&A

Solo Panel Engineering Q&A

Watch Video
01 / 04

Robust Basket Design

The Solo basket is 100% stainless steel. It’s strong enough to lift even when full and tough enough where even the most overserved brewer can’t damage it. Unlike other options, the Spike Solo basket will stand up to our motto of "Your Liver Will Fail Before Our Equipment Does.”

02 / 04

Not Cheaper. Just Better.

We have built our reputation on quality products. Every year, we send a survey to our customers asking why they chose to buy equipment from us. Year after year, the answer remains the same: quality.

03 / 04

Welded Fittings

Welding is what we do. Our fittings are the strongest and most sanitary connection available.

04 / 04

Optional Steam Condensing Lid

Brewing indoors is awesome; however, the new battle then becomes steam. While boiling, you can boil off over 1 gallon of wort. Best case, your walls are now coated in wort. Worst case, that steam gets in your walls and causes mold issues. The SCL captures that steam by using a misting nozzle to convert that steam back into liquid. The SCL will work with the Solo without any modifications to your system.

The Steam Condensing Lid does not come with the standard Solo system. But, it's a great accessory to grab to elevate your Brew Day!

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