CF5 Spike Conical Unitank

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  • CF5 Spike Conical Unitank
  • CF5 Spike Conical Unitank
  • CF5 Spike Conical Unitank



We have completely re-designed our stainless conical line from the ground up. It's been a year in the making and we can confidently say that these will be the best conical fermenters on the market! Along with our new TC100 Temp Control System, you'll have everything you need to Elevate Your Brew Day!


CF5 Features:-304 stainless steel; 1.2mm (18ga)
-All sanitary welded ports (no-weldless fittings)
-All hardware shown here is included!
-Designed for 2.5 to 6gal batches
    -7gal total capacity
-15psi working pressure (always use a 15psi pressure relief valve)
    -Use for pressure transfers
    -Use as a brite tank
-Etched volume markings
-14" wide by 29¨ tall
-Fully polished finish


Lid Features:
-Stainless band clamp for attaching the lid
    -Completely removable lid for easy cleaning
-4" TC modular top port
    -Allows for hop additions, temp control coil, top sight glass, etc
-(3) 1.5" TC ports which allow for: 

Blow Off Port – Dedicated port for an airlock or blow off tube
Hop Port – Dedicated port for adding hops
PRV Port – Dedicated port for your pressure relief valve (PRV)

Body Features:
-Huge 2" TC bottom dump with butterfly valves (no more stuck yeast dumps)
-1.5" TC racking port with butterfly valve
-1.5" TC sample valve (for taking gravity readings)
-1.5" TC dial thermometer

Additional conical accessories can be seen HERE

Conical Buyer's Guide

New to brewing? Haven't bought a Spike fermenter but feeling overwhelmed with the options? Well, we put together a Buyer's Guide just for you!

Spike Conical Assembly

3 Port Lid Advantages

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Fantastic product!

Kevin M.
United States United States

Great stuff

Added a bunch of extras to my order. Made the Spike brewer experience great.

Ethan N.
United States United States


All I can say is that the quality of this fermenter is unmatched. That’s what you get when you buy made in the USA. I will continue to use Spike for all my brewing needs.

United States United States

High Quality and Worth Every Penny

I recently purchased the CF5 as part of an upgrade to my cold side process. This fermenter is built well and very modular. The fit and finish is outstanding and you can just feel the quality in the final product. I added a sight glass, extended legs and bracing shelf, as well as the caster wheels and I have a fermenter that will last me for many many years to come. My only regret is I didn't purchase this sooner. If you are considering a new fermenter, give this one a hard look.

United States United States

Great product overall, maybe some better packaging for the accessory pack.

I really like the cf5, there were just a couple of small issues I had with it but I would still absolutely recommend this if your in the market for one. First and the most glaring problem was that it got a small dent during shipping (I'm assuming). The box with the accessories in it is packaged inside the body of the conical and it came loose and FedEx was not very gentle with the package, so there was a small dent from the inside. It doesn't affect the usability of it but when it's fresh out of the box and really shiny and pretty it was the first thing I noticed. Second issue was holding pressure, I did a pressure test prior to filling the cf5 with wort and it held perfect at 10 psi for a couple days, but after my first batch was ready I decided to use the carb kit and pressurize it (cooled it first) and it actually slowly leaked some of the beer out one of the fittings. I didn't lose much, maybe 8 -12 ounces on the ground before I caught it , so it was a very slow leak but I'd rather not lose any. I keep it in a fermentation chamber so the entire vessel is cooled so it's possible there was some metal shrinkage during the cold crash which loosened up one of the joints slightly. I tried tightening the clamps but I was nervous about losing any more beer so I transferred it to a keg and carbed it in that instead and I'll try again on the batch that's in there now when it's ready this weekend. The last issue was probably more my fault for not going through ALL the parts you get with it and the "kits" better. Not as complete of kits as they could of been, I bought extra clamps and gaskets and still had to order more because I was short on what I actually needed. Ok, so that is all of the negative and now for the positive... literally everything else. This thing is pretty impressive with the heavy duty valves, the weight of it (it's not light), the welds, material, etc.... This thing looks and feels like it's built to last forever. I'm still getting used to it since I had never used a conical before but I'm on my second batch with it and it has definitely simplified my overall brewing experience and looks professional too.