CF5 Spike Conical Unitank

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  • CF5 Spike Conical Unitank
  • CF5 Spike Conical Unitank
  • CF5 Spike Conical Unitank



We have completely re-designed our stainless conical line from the ground up. It's been a year in the making and we can confidently say that these will be the best conical fermenters on the market! Along with our new TC100 Temp Control System, you'll have everything you need to Elevate Your Brew Day!


CF5 Features:-304 stainless steel; 1.2mm (18ga)
-All sanitary welded ports (no-weldless fittings)
-All hardware shown here is included!
-Designed for 2.5 to 6gal batches
    -7gal total capacity
-15psi working pressure (always use a 15psi pressure relief valve)
    -Use for pressure transfers
    -Use as a brite tank
-Etched volume markings
-14" wide by 29¨ tall
-Fully polished finish


Lid Features:
-Stainless band clamp for attaching the lid
    -Completely removable lid for easy cleaning
-4" TC modular top port
    -Allows for hop additions, temp control coil, top sight glass, etc
-(3) 1.5" TC ports which allow for: 

Blow Off Port – Dedicated port for an airlock or blow off tube
Hop Port – Dedicated port for adding hops
PRV Port – Dedicated port for your pressure relief valve (PRV)

Body Features:
-Huge 2" TC bottom dump with butterfly valves (no more stuck yeast dumps)
-1.5" TC racking port with butterfly valve
-1.5" TC sample valve (for taking gravity readings)
-1.5" TC dial thermometer

Additional conical accessories can be seen HERE

Conical Buyer's Guide

New to brewing? Haven't bought a Spike fermenter but feeling overwhelmed with the options? Well, we put together a Buyer's Guide just for you!

The SPIKE Conical Fermenter

3 Port Lid Advantages

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Brian D.
United States United States

Great experience. I am a Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry. My father is a Journeyman Machinist, so I know quality workmanship and this conical is it. Perfect welds and excellent quality materials. I love this thing. GET IT!!

Joseph H.
United States United States
Amazing quality for the price

It worked very well for me the first time I used it. Can't wait to get the pressure system added to it. You might as well splurge for all the extras as you will probably want them.

Chris P.
United States United States
Excellent Quality... But that isn't Really a Surprise

This is the 2nd conical that I ordered from Spike. My other is a CF10. Currently waiting for my 3rd conical. Like the prior conical I ordered, I am extremely happy with the well thought out design and quality of the product. The welds are spot on and everything is very well designed. I actually didn't realize the importance of a lot of aspects of the design (port placement, balance, etc) until helping a friend with a similarly priced fermenter from a different company. I am slowly converting all my equipment from the other company to Spike due to consistently getting more bang for my buck. As usual. I am extremely happy with my Spike products and will continue to throw down the extra money for quality products. That being said, just a couple of minor (and I really do mean minor, hence the 5 star review). 1. I miss the old logo. Spike equipment is QUALITY. Some lower quality brands need a flashy logo to draw attention, but I prefer the more understated logo and letting the equipment speak for itself. That being said, I am by no means a marketing person, and I don't even pretend to understand that stuff. If the new logo helps them move more product, more power to them. 2. I wish Spike offered packages. I think for every major piece of equipment I order, I end up placing 3 or 4 other orders with bits and pieces that I forgot when I placed the order. As I upgrade my system from weldless kettles and glass carboys into the wonderful but expensive world of TC and stainless steel, I often overlook some things. Again, that may just be me. 3. I did notice a few QC issues with some of the attachments. Nothing that affected functionality, but there were some gouges and scrapes on the plastic handles of the butterfly valves and some machining on the some of the accessories was a little less polished than before. Nothing that is a deal breaker and still feel like I got my money's worth. 4. Spike's customer service has been top notch! The only issue that I had with this fermenter that was worth addressing was a faulty screw assembly on the lid clamp. Spike sent out a replacement immediately. They have also probably put up with more than their fair share of questions and order changes from me with speed and grace. I am posted overseas, so I have to make sure everything can fit into my allotted shipping space (CF10 are oversize and 15 Gallon kettles barely make it). I can't make mistakes since it takes a couple months for a product to reach me and will take a couple months to return. I can honestly say that, from my prospective and interactions with Spike for the past year or so, there is nothing I would change about the customer service experience. All in all, I will continue to funnel my paycheck directly to Spike in return for some top notch equipment.

Gary P.
United States United States
Absolutely love it

Everything about my experience dealing with spike has been top notch. I love everything about both my cf5s. I have zero complaints. I’ve read reviews about people having trouble with the lid gaskets. In my experience, if ya follow spikes instructions, the gasket stays in and won’t bleed pressure. Definitely take advantage of some the spike accessories to optimize this bad boy. Carb stone and racking arm make it easy to carbonate and transfer clear beer beer to your keg. With cold crashing and dumbing trub, I’ve had zero issues with clogs, even during closed transfers. I could go on for days, if ya got the money and are still on the fence about purchasing, I’d highly recommend taking the plunge!

SPIKE CF5 Spike Conical Unitank Review
J. S.
J. Shiffman

This conical was my introduction to homebrewing along with the Spike Solo. I had been looking around for a while and finally took the plunge - something not terrible from COVID. I really don't think it could have turned out any better. I did purchase a few extras which likely helped - condenser lid to save my basement from humidity, TC-100 (to keep a consistent temperature during fermentation -heater - and then drop the temperature for the cold crash), carb stone (less than a day to carbonate) and the pressure transfer kit (kegging was simple). In the end my first batch was highly drinkable American Ale and gone too soon. Batch #2 is already 3 days in! Thanks for getting me up and running.

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