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All-In-One PRV

37 Reviews

The Spike All-In-One Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) puts your safety first without compromising on features or functionality. And when you're dealing with pressure, that's pretty darn important. The main adjustable knob is made of an engineered plastic, and leads to smooth threading against the fine threads in the stainless steel body and can dial in pressure setting with ease. 

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When dealing with pressure, our motto is: Safety First, Beer Second. Which is why we created a unique piece of equipment that has all the features that you could possibly need. When it comes to brewing, you don't want to skimp on safety. 


  • Adjustable pressure relief from 0-15psi 
  • Built in vacuum release 
  • 1.5" tri-clamp connection 
  • (2) 1/4" NPT connections for gas post and pressure gauge 
  • 6.25" total height
  • Pressure gauge and ball lock gas post included 
  • Sanitizer cup with drain port 
  • Quick pressure relief plunger
  • For use on up to 3bbl fermenters

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Tim M.
United States United States

Spike PRV

Product is solid, easy to use, easy to adjust, easy to clean, and helps make great beer. There maybe cheaper options, but there isn’t a better option to ferment under pressure.

Kenneth A.
United States United States

Great PRV!

I bought 2 of them for both my CF15s and couldn't be happier with them! They worked flawlessly pressure fermenting a lager at 68 degrees and an ale at 75, both done in 5 days before cold crashing. This has been a very positive way to ferment!

Bob H.
United States United States

Awesome Product!

These are great! They work wonderfully when pressure fermenting.

Richard B.
United States United States

You can hear it, but you can’t see it

It’s good, no question about it. There is a little flaw in the design. Gas escaping along the stem. One more O ring will solve the problem. You can hear the escaping CO2, but you can’t see bubbles. Spraying with Starsan will do.

chris c.
United States United States

Worth it

Works like it should. Even dealt with some krausen trying to fix a leaky lid


The All-In-One PRV is fully adjustable from 0-15psi. Simply twist the top adjustment knob to increase or decrease the pressure inside your fermenter. This allows for use with everything from pressure fermenting, spunding, carbonating or even pressure transfers to kegs. Brew smarter, not harder.

Safety First, Beer Second

CO2 produced by yeast must be handled carefully, otherwise the vessel can become over pressurized, making it very dangerous. This is why a large-port robust PRV is so important. A PRV is designed to automatically vent CO2 gas from inside your fermenter at a set pressure. Since Spike fermenters are designed for 15psi, that’s what the All-In-One PRV is designed to release at. The seal and spring lifts to allow it to escape or “bubble out.”


There’s a lot of PRV options out there, but the Spike All-In-One PRV combines all those features and then some in one sleek design. It has an adjustable pressure release knob, pressure gauge, gas post, quick release plunger and sanitizer cup with drain.

Spike All-In-One PRV | How to Use

Set up your PRV in just a few minutes with this easy tutorial. 

Spike All-In-One PRV | AMA

With any new product, there's going to be loads of questions. Which is great, because we have answers! 

Spike vs Competition | All-In-One PRV

We built the best All-In-One PRV on the market. Watch as we go through the pros and cons of this fermentation must have. 

Spike All-In-One PRV | AMA Bloopers

Three engineers and three beers? What could go wrong...

Spike All-In-One PRV | How to Use

Spike All-In-One PRV | How to Use

Watch Video
Spike All-In-One PRV | AMA

Spike All-In-One PRV | AMA

Watch Video
Spike vs Competition | All-In-One PRV

Spike vs Competition | All-In-One PRV

Watch Video
Spike All-In-One PRV | AMA Bloopers

Spike All-In-One PRV | AMA Bloopers

Watch Video
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Pressure and Vacuum Release

Not only does the All-In-One have an adjustable pressure release but it also has a 1psi vacuum release and quick pressure release! Done fermenting or need to bleed off pressure? Simply lightly push down on the top plunger to bleed off the desired amount of pressure from your fermenter.

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Sanitizer Cup

During development, the number one request from BETA testers was to add a sanitizer cup. The sanitizer cup acts as an airlock to let gas escape but doesn’t let air back in which can cause an infection. The cup also has a built-in quick drain barb so you can quickly and easily drain the sanitizer before depressurizing so you don’t end up getting a sanitizer shower.

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1.5” Universal Fitting

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—when it comes to safety, bigger is better! The All-In-One PRV uses a huge 1.5” TC fitting, which virtually eliminates the chances of it ever getting clogged. Many competitor PRVs have much smaller openings, which can get clogged with hops or krausen.

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