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Oxygenation Kit

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An oxygenation kit specifically designed for homebrewing. Oxygenate your wort easily and conveniently with a precise amount of oxygen rather than leaving it to chance. 

Note: Tank not included. Red oxygen tank can be found at most hardware/home improvement stores.

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The Spike Oxygenation (O2) Kit was designed to provide homebrewers with a simple solution for oxygenating their wort prior to fermentation; Happy yeast = happy beer! The days of slow or failed fermentations are over, and a giant 10lb oxygen tank is no longer the only solution! 

The O2 kit is designed to attach to a standard hardware store oxygen tank and will precisely oxygenate your wort to make sure fermentation goes smoothly! With that precise flow control, each oxygen bottle will oxygenate up to 200 gallons of wort; saving you time and money!

Note: O2 Kit has been tested with the Spike carb stone only. For optimal use, we recommend using the kit with our carb stone bundle. 


  • Oxygen flow regulator for use with standard red oxygen tank
  • 0-600psi pressure gauge to show tank fill level
  • Tubing & ball-lock fitting adapter to attach to carb stone 

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Eric C.
United States United States

O2 kit

Nice piece of equipment. Flow rate adjustment works smoothly and provides a consistent flow of oxygen. I've tried a couple of cheaper valves and never got consistent flow, they always needed continual adjustment during oxygenation. This valve is basically set and forget. Love it.

Chris R.
United States United States

Stay away

I hate to write a negative review, but this product should be avoided. Problems: 1) when you connect the o2 tank to the device the seal is inadequate and you end up wasting o2. 2) When i left the o2 tank connected to the device (because of step 1) the hose blew-out. 3) I've lost 3-4 canisters unnecessarily using this device at this point. At $15/each it's simply not tenable. 4) the stainless steel fitting leaks where it threads into the black valve section Save yourself the time , money and frustration and find another solution.

Mark P.
United States United States

First true feeling of oxygen

Glad to not shake my fermenter or worry about if it did the right amount of work. Hooked it up, pumped the oxygen, closed the flow, and smiled.

Brent S.
United States United States

Good little tool that makes a difference

I already had a regulator and oxygen tank setup, but it was not easy to truly determine the amount of oxygen output. This is plug and play, making life much easier. A bit expensive, but I don't feel like I wasted my money on it. The threads are much better on this regulator and the oxygen tank goes on easily. The regulator also provides the oxygen level remaining in the tank, so you know when to get a new one. Good piece of equipment.

Ian M.
United States United States

I finally have control over my oxygen use!

Great product. Well made and easy to use. Controlled flow allows me to know how much is really being used. My tank savings will pay for the unit this year.

Quality of Beer

Oxygen is to wort as coffee is to Monday gets you going! So what does that have to do with beer? We teamed up with White Labs to give you the 411 on all things fermentation. When experts unite, amazing things can happen—just like when oxygen dissolves into the wort, allowing yeast to begin a healthy fermentation, leading to high quality brews. 

Easy to Use

Set up your Spike O2 Kit in a minute or less! With quick connect fittings, a compact oxygen tank, built in pressure gauge and adjustable flow control, this kit has everything you need to keep your yeast happy, beer delicious and your space neat and tidy. 

Accessible Oxygen Supply

Oxygenating your wort is crucial to yeast health—but there are many ways to do it. Methods range from a drill and paddle, the old-fashioned shake method and all the way up to using a bulky 10lb tank of oxygen. The Spike O2 Kit is designed to fit a standard red oxygen tank, which can be purchased at most local hardware stores. These tanks are inexpensive and the perfect size for out-of-sight storage. 

Spike x White Labs Q&A

You asked, and we're here to answer—all of us! The Spike team flew out to sunny San Diego to sit down with the White Labs team to discus all things yeast, fermentation and oxygenation. 

How to Use a Wort Oxygenation Kit

Set up your Spike O2 kit in a minute or less!

Spike vs Competition | Oxygenation Kit

Go through the pros and cons of the O2 kits on the market, and see how the Spike Oxygenation Kit stacks up against the rest. 

Spike x White Labs Q&A

Spike x White Labs Q&A

Watch Video
How to Use a Wort Oxygenation Kit

How to Use a Wort Oxygenation Kit

Watch Video
Spike vs Competition  | Oxygenation Kit

Spike vs Competition | Oxygenation Kit

Watch Video
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Pro Features

The Spike O2 kit has adjustable flow control built right in to provide the perfect amount of oxygen for your wort and a pressure gauge which reads how much oxygen is left, so you never run out halfway through a Brew Day again. And if you do need a new bottle of oxygen, don't fear. Most local hardware stores will carry them.  

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Saving You Time & Money

The built-in pressure gauge indicates when the bottle is getting low, which won't be often since the small tank can oxygenate about 200 gallons of beer—saving you time and money. 

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Long Lasting

Most oxygenation kits on the market have a regulator that is more or less an 'on' and 'off' switch. Because of the precise flow control built into our O2 Kit, our engineers were able to determine that the perfect setup is 1/4 LPM (liter/min) for 30 seconds per gallon of beer. That's about 200 gallons of beer with just one red oxygen tank! 

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