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Fermenter Buyer's Guide

Why Spike Fermenters?

Fermentation is often regarded as the most important aspect of the brewing process. To ensure the brewer is armed with all necessary tools for a productive fermentation, our engineering team modeled both our Flex and Conical Fermenter lines after the products found in commercial settings. Every fermenter is welded and quality controlled in our Milwaukee plant to ensure bacteria have no place to hide. The fermenters are extremely versatile and our wide variety of accessories available means you can control every part of fermentation with ease. Gone are days of cleaning through a tight carboy entry port or having your bucket top explode. Elevate your brew day with a Spike stainless steel fermenter today!

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Standard Accessories

Each Fermenter comes with a range of accessories to start. Click below to learn more.

CF5, CF10, CF15




Fermenter Accessory Overview

In addition to our standard accessory options, upgrade your conical or flex to suit your process needs.

Increase Mobility

We offer a range of accessories that will make sure your fermenter will fit your space perfectly.

Control Temps

Keep temperatures exactly where you need them for a quick and efficient fermentation cycle.



      TC 100 Package

      *You will need a glycol chiller or cold water reservoir to use cooling ability

Control Pressure

Keep oxygen outside of the fermenter with our various pressure driven accessories. Carbonate in one vessel.

Additional Key Accessories

    Racking Arm
      • Collect and package the last few gallons of wort with our rotatable racking arm.
      2" Sight Glass
        • Directly attach to 2” dump port to monitor flow and color, or to use as a yeast collection tool.
        CIP Ball
          • Connect our low-pressure “Clean In Place” ball to the top of your fermenter after fermenting to break down bacteria and make sanitizing a breeze.

        Process Guides

        To ensure a successful fermentation from day one, please see below for a list of helpful process guides to aid during fermentation

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        We are deeply committed to ensuring you make your best beer yet with your Spike equipment. If we can help in any way, please contact our customer experience team at

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