Welcome to our Ask A Pro series!

We are teaming up with professional brewers across the country who will be sharing their brewing knowledge with you on common brewing techniques, myths, tips and much more to help elevate your brew day. With many of them starting off as home brewers, just like you, we're happy to start connecting you with these professionals and your passion for brewing. So keep your eyes out for more professional brewers sharing their knowledge as part of this Ask A Pro series.

  • Cold Crashing

    Cold Crashing

    Cold crashing is a practice used by brewers traditionally to improve the clarity of beer prior to transferring out of fermentation. The process involves lowering the temperature of the beer after fermentation is completed and... [Read more]

    Posted 04/12/2018

  • An Easy DIY Diacetyl Test

    An Easy DIY Diacetyl Test

    Have you ever had a beer that, as it warmed up, gave off the flavor and aroma of movie theater popcorn butter? That’s diacetyl and it is a very common (and preventable!) off flavor. Diacetyl... [Read more]

    Posted 03/28/2018