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Traveling Circus Brewing

      • Some quick facts!

        Name: Traveling Circus Brewing
        -Brant N., Mike S., Dave C., Matt M.

        Where they are from: Charleston, SC

        Spike Brewing equipment owned: 15 Gallon Kettle, Mash Tun, HLT, and new CF15 Conical Unitank

        Years homebrewing: Collectively as a group, we have been brewing for around 6 months but have several years (1-3) of personal brewing experience

Favorite beer to drink: Cold. We are about experiencing the craft and not just a certain one. Love can be found in any style from Kolsch to Hazy IPA, to Quad. We love market research.

How they got into homebrewing: Well that is a funny story. We were sitting around one night tasting some craft selections and Mike said we should get us a small 5 gallon kit and big mouth bubbler. We reconvened two days later to hammer out the details and I said there was only one way to go, either all in or not at all. American made, top quality, no hassles, I was hooked on Spike Brewing. The passion put into the product just aligned with our passion in craft beer. And it has been a blast ever since.

If you could give advice to a brewer that was just starting, what would you tell them?

      • Have fun and temperature control. First batches might not be perfect but no matter style it is possible to make great beer if you are patient, learn from others, experiment, and just enjoy the process. The faster you can get to temperature control the better your results will be. Spike Brewing conicals have the perfect setup to help with this and we are stoked to get ours up and running.


How has your Spike Equipment elevated your brew day

To me it is about consistency in the experience, plus well made and easy to use equipment. Spike Brewing has elevated our brew day by making it simple and consistent. Spike Brewing equipment is engineered perfectly for the brew day with the utmost quality!


      • What brew equipment upgrade made the most impact on your brewing?

      • We started on open flame with just a Spike Brewing kettle and I would have to say the biggest impact came from adding in our hot liquor tank. The biggest challenge on open flame is temperature control. With a Spike Brewing hot liquor tank and herms coil, our temperature control is spot on.

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