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Spike Glycol Chiller

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The NEW Spike Glycol Chiller makes stabilizing and cooling your fermenter temperatures a breeze. We included must-have features like an integrated glycol drain port, quick connecting fittings for glycol lines, splash proof lid, locking casters and even a glycol sight glass to check glycol volumes. Oh, did we mention how good it looks? It's a class act.

**Chillers ship in early July**

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Propylene Glycol (2.5gal)
Propylene Glycol (2.5gal)

Propylene Glycol (2.5gal) Benefits

Used with the Glycol Chiller to cool your beer.
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**Chillers ship in early July**

The NEW Spike Glycol Chiller was designed to be super user friendly. Want to increase your temperature? Press the up button. No more complicated parameters to setup; we've already done that hard work for you. The unit has a small footprint, moves around your brewery easily thanks to the included casters and can chill up to four fermenters!

This beast has a large reservoir which provides plenty of cooling power and with quick connect glycol lines, it's easy to add all those fermenters with just a push of the tube. 

Cold Crashing/Lagering Temps Capability:

  • Up to 60 gallons of total beer spread across up to 4 fermenters 

Fermentation Temperature Control Capability:

  • Up to 120 gallons of total beer spread across up to 4 fermenters 

We recommend purchasing two Spike Glycol Chillers if your brewery's needs exceed either of these limits at any given time. 


  • 1/2 HP (2,300 BTU/hr) cooling capacity
  • 120V 3 prong plug
  • 5.5A maximum current
  • 7 gallon glycol tank 
  • 18" L x 18" W x 26" H
  • Environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant 
  • Capacity for up to 4 fermenters
  • User friendly controller
  • 1.5" locking casters included
  • Splash proof lid 
  • Integrated glycol drain port 
  • Integrated quick connect fittings for glycol lines 
  • Glycol level sight glass 
  • Built in cord routing for pumps
  • Internal hose connections to fit with our glycol pump (12"x1/2" OD tubes attached to each port)
  • Compatible with Spike Flex, Flex+, Conicals and most competitor fermenters with the correct fittings 
  • Recommended glycol ratio is 2:1 (2gal of water for every 1gal of glycol)

**TC-100 kit with pumps sold separately


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A SPIKE Customer
Kevin J.
United States United States

Quiet and sleek looking unit.

Great chiller, efficient and super silent. I replaced my Penguin chiller which needed a degree in electronics to figure out the temp control, had a tiny reservoir and sounded like a window unit air conditioner. Spike’s version is sleek and quiet with intuitive temp control. Love the insulation, which should help my electric bill!

Aaron N.
United States United States

Great chiller, excellent customer service

The new chiller is really great! The quality of the build is better than the other chillers I have purchased. It is very quiet and efficient. In full disclosure, I did purchase the kick starter and had problems with the initial unit leaking. Spike worked with me regularly to try and fix it until I told them I had had enough. At that time they sent me another unit from their warehouse that had been leak tested. The new unit worked perfectly and they gave me everything to send the original back. Their customer service was superb and for that reason alone I will continue buying from them.

SPIKE Spike Glycol Chiller Review
Drew A.
United States United States

Operates as advertised so far but leaks....unfortunately

The chiller arrived a few days ago and I put it to work. Everything has worked well with one 15 gal unitank hooked up, but the chiller is leaking when the glycol reservoir is full or near full at a rate of about 1/2 liter per day based on sight glass tracking. Leak is through the drain port assembly/packing with fairly constant dripping. Waiting to hear from Spike on how this will be resolved.



Drew, sorry about the leak! It looks like our Support team jumped on this and is getting you squared away. Happy brewing!

Brendan M.
United States United States

Looks great, but leaks

Much nicer looking and quieter than my homemade glycol chiller. I was able to do a quick test and saw the temperature dropping nicely. Unfortunately, I woke up to a puddle of glycol the next day. Spike has been working with me, but I’ll have to perform the fix myself. The drain and sight glass are neat, but not worth creating two failure points for leaks in my opinion. I’d encourage Spike to eliminate both in future models.

Andrew M.
United States United States


This chiller works great! Very quiet and chills fast.


We can confidently say the Spike Glycol Chiller is the quietest on the market. This thing softly purrs like a kitten. At just 47 dB, it hums like a refrigerator. It's quieter than most noise machines to fall asleep to. It's quiet, quick and efficient. 


A 7-gallon capacity reservoir gives plenty of cooling power to all (up to four) of your fermenters. And with quick connecting glycol lines, it's easy to add all those fermenters with just the push of a tube. 

Easy to Use

You need the temperature to go up? Press up. Need the temp to go down? Press down. Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit with just the push of a button. No complicated compressor delay, calibration or complex settings. We figured out all that for you and programmed it into the backend. 


Our goal was to create a powerful machine that looks great and is a great value. We really like this chart because it shows the range of actual cooling capacities—not overstated cooling capacities. You'll see a lot of our competitor's chillers come in at roughly the 2,300 BTU/hr mark. We found this to be the sweet spot for cooling four homebrewing size fermenters. Anything more is overkill and anything less is going to struggle. While we're not the highest, that was intentional. Basically, we're right where we want to be...

Spike vs. Competition: Glycol Chiller Edition

In this video, Ben and Caleb walk you through all the pros and cons of the competitor units out there and how the Spike chiller stacks up against the rest. 

Spike Glycol Chiller AMA

The latest and greatest out of the Spike Workshop. Caleb, Adam and Taylor walk you through all your deep, dark and burning questions about the Spike Glycol Chiller. Let's get into it...

How to Use Your Spike Glycol Chiller

Follow along as Caleb walks you through how to set up and run your Spike Glycol Chiller. 

Spike vs. Competition: Glycol Chiller Edition

Spike vs. Competition: Glycol Chiller Edition

Watch Video
Spike Glycol Chiller AMA

Spike Glycol Chiller AMA

Watch Video
How to Use Your Spike Glycol Chiller

How to Use Your Spike Glycol Chiller

Watch Video
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Glycol Sight Glass

Ever look at your chiller and wonder what your glycol level is? Not anymore with the integrated sight glass!

02 / 02

Drain Port

Need to adjust your glycol mix or do a yearly refresh? Easy. Remove the access panel, open the drain port valve and just like that you can drain your reservoir. No more scooping liquid out or trying to tip over an extremely heavy chiller. 

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