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Spike Flow

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It's time to go with the (higher) Flow. With features like an Air Relief Valve (ARV), 6-vane impeller design, stainless steel precision machined casting and an integrated impeller shaft and thrust bearing, the Flow is the newest and most badass pump to hit the market.

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Higher Pressure & Flow-What's more important? Moving your wort quickly or a powerful CIP? The Spike Flow is leading at both. No compromises here. 

Air Relief Valve-Air in your lines creating headaches? The Flow features an ARV bleed system. Problem solved. 

Clog Proof Impeller-With the built-in chopping tines on the impeller, you'll never have to stop mid-Brew Day because of a clogged pump head. 

Quietest on the Market-The Flow is for brewers who prefer listening to their brewing playlist or the game on TV rather than a loud pump. 


• Best-in-class 9GPM (gallons/minute) flow rate
• Best-in-class 9.5 PSI of pressure 

• Air Relief Valve (ARV) makes priming easy and convenient
• Built in 1/2" drain barb
• 6-vane impeller design optimized for performance and durability
• 304 stainless steel precision machined casting with maximized inlet and outlet ports
• Integrated chopping tines to prevent clogging
• Black anodized motor shell and shot-blasted housing
• Easy disassembly, cleaning and reassembly

• Ultra-quiet, fan enclosed motor: 120v, 60 Hz, 1.5A
• 6 foot power cord 
• 9" length x 5" width x 7" height 
• Continuous use rated


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Lawrence M.
United States United States

Monster machine

This is by far the best pumpbi have used for my 1bbl brewery. Amazing pressure, flow, and minimal noise so you can keep jamming out on brew day. Stop wasting money on just a pump and get quality pump that can eat those others

Brett H.
United States United States

Complete and utter disappointment

I was excited to use my Spike Flow for the first time today- like all Spike products it looks cool and is packed with features. However, first use it seemed to leak from the main tri-clamp. I turned the clamp down as much as I could, but no luck. Admittedly, I had some less-than-ideal troubleshooting on this as I was having boiling-hot wort spill all over, creating an absolutely chaotic brewing day while I tried to get more beer into the fermenter than floor. Have a lot of other Spike products I've been really happy with, but this one should be a hard pass.

Brandon F.
United States United States

Best pump I have had

Great. It has a lot better flow than other pumps I have had. It has a high rate of flow and easy to incorporate into a system.

Steve A.
United States United States

Love the Flow !

Super quiet, great flow rate compared to Chugger, easy cleaning. Definitely worth the money. We'll be buying another soon from our LHBS.

Raymond B.
United States United States

Big pump…mixed feelings

I am undecided if it is more pump than necessary for a usual home brewer. Least favorite part is the turn screw bleed port. Best part is easy open clamp. Has it improved my brew day, not really. Perhaps others with greater needs will experience more benefits.

Air Relief Valve

Placing a purge valve on the inlet side of the pump provides the best way of getting air out of your pump head and hoses. Just twist the easy to grip knurled knob, then water and air start to flow through the ARV outlet.

We even placed a little barb in the pump head casting that faces front and center, so it's easy to collect fluid out of the barb and dump it back into your kettle. Since the inlet of the pump doesn't produce any pressure, the valve can be open even when the pump is flowing and you won't get sprayed.

Higher Pressure

Why is higher pressure better? Well, high pressure makes for better cleaning when using a CIP ball. It also helps give a better whirlpool when running through a chiller. It helps move your wort quickly when pumping through hoses, which ultimately shortens your Brew Day. 

Higher Flow

7,874 feet of 3D printer filament and almost 100 pump prototypes designs...that's what was required as part of developing the Spike Flow pump head. The was crucial for achieving our industry-leading performance goals. We invested in further techniques such as clear SLS prints (so we could see and visualize the water and air flow through the housing) and CNC machined parts to be able to run hot water and wort testing before our casting tools were ready for prime time. 

How to Use the Spike Flow Brew Pump

Walk through how to use the Spike Flow brew pump. Learn how to easily prime with the ARV (air release valve) and how the removable tri-clamp head results in a quicker clean up!

Spike Flow | Engineering AMA

What makes the Spike Flow the best brew pump on the market? Well, Adam, Ryan and Michelle from our engineering team help answer questions from Instagram, the Spike User Group and ones that came in via email.

Spike vs. Competition | Spike Flow

Watch as we show off the newest and most badass brew pump on the market in this latest edition of Spike vs. the Competition. Ben (Owner of Spike) and Adam (Head Engineer at Spike) walk you through the benefits of the new Spike Flow and also discuss the pros and cons of other brew pumps on the market.

How to Use the Spike Flow Brew Pump

How to Use the Spike Flow Brew Pump

Watch Video
Spike Flow | Engineering AMA

Spike Flow | Engineering AMA

Watch Video
Spike vs. Competition | Spike Flow

Spike vs. Competition | Spike Flow

Watch Video
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Clog Proof Impeller

Ever deal with a clogged pump on Brew Day? The Flow features integrated chopping tines on the impeller, which chops up solids like hops, grain and trub to prevent clogging. 

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Shhh, brewing in progress. Due to the optimized pump head flow path design, coupled with a totally enclosed motor, utilizing roller bearings, we've been able to achieve the quietest brew pump on the market. 

03 / 04

Tri-Clamp Attaching

Gone are the days where you need a screwdriver to take apart the four or more screws to open up your pump head. We borrowed the tri-clamp attaching design that commercial brewery pumps have been using for decades and made it available for the homebrewing community. Taking apart your brew pump to give it a good soak now takes 10 seconds or less. 

04 / 04

Looks Damn Fine

Design isn't an afterthought for us. The Spike Flow was designed to perform and look best in class. It features a black anodized motor shell, shot-blasted housing and 304 stainless steel precision machined casting with maximized inlet and outlet ports. 

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