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Solo Beginner Bundle

You've spent years drinking the delicious beverage and now you want to start creating a work of art for yourself, your friends and your family. Well, you've come to the right spot. Introducing the NEW Spike Beginner Bundle—the BEST way to learn how to brew beer! 

We've included everything (yes, everything) you'll need for your first Brew Day and beyond: electric brewing system, fermenter and all accessories—even beer bottles and cleaning supplies! 

To get started, pick your voltage (120V is standard household outlet) and pick at least one (1) recipe and you're good to go.

Beginner Bundles have a 1 week lead time. 

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You've never done anything halfway, and you're not about to start now. Which is why you're here, looking at the NEW Spike Beginner Bundle—the BEST way to learn how to brew beer. We've taken all the guesswork out of what could be a complicated hobby and created a bundle that's so convenient, we can't believe we're the first ones who've thought of it. But we'll happily take the credit.  

Why Spike?

The Spike Beginner Bundle is meant for anyone who is ready to jump into the best hobby they might not have known existed. Don't waste time with gas stoves, propane, cheap pots, fragile glass carboys or hardware store DIY inventions. There's a learning curve to every new endeavor, but with the Spike Beginner Bundle, we created a step-by-step process that can get you from out of the box to popping the top off a frosty cold one in no time. 

Spike has been in the business of helping aspiring brewers learn how to brew beer from day one. With the Spike Beginner Bundle, you'll have all the equipment, instructions and ingredients you'll need to start brewing beer literally that day. 

To get started, pick your voltage (120V is standard household outlet) and pick at least one (1) recipe and you're good to go.

Want to see everything that will come with your bundle—including recipe kit and cleaning supplies? Check out the Packing List for a full listing under the Technical Tab. 

Bottom Drain Solo System:

  • 304 stainless steal
  •  Sanitary welded coupler design done in Milwaukee, WI
  • Bottom drain kettle featuring tri-clamp fittings 
  • 1.2mm thick kettle walls
  • Stainless steel hooks on basket to easily hold wet grain on the kettle lip while the basket drains 
  • Bottom of the basket features precision laster slits matching the false bottoms on our commercial brewing systems 
  • Basket has tapered design to promote good flow through grain bed 
  • Heated using 120V heating element 
  • Includes 6 foot power cord and 6 food of heating element cord 
  • Brewery Wash and StarSan Sanitizer 

Electrical Requirements:

  • Panel uses 3-wire 120V line for power and it requires a NEMA 5-15 receptacle outlet (standard household plug) that is set on a 15A breaker

Flex Fermenter:

  • 304 stainless steal
  •  Sanitary welded ports 
  • Designed for 2.5-6 gallon batches, 7 gallon total capacity 
  • 2psi working pressure, strong seal to keep oxygen and bacteria out
  • Etched volume markings 
  • Fully polished finish 
  • 15" wide by 21" tall (to top of airlock)

Lid Features:

  • 4" TC modular top port which allows for hop additions and temp control 
  • Airlock port 

Body Features :

  • 1.5" TC racking port with rotating racking arm 
  • 1.5" TC secondary port for thermometer, sample valve
  • Includes temp sticker for side of vessel 

Beginner Bundle Recipe Kit:

  • Choice of kit (includes grain, yeast, hops, adjuncts, instruction card)
  • 48 bottles (includes caps, capper and priming sugar tablets)
  • Bottling wand (includes barb and extra tubing)

Need A Replacement Part?

Head to our replacement part page for help.

Have more questions?

Head over to our FAQ page for quick answers!


Easy to Use

It's literally never been easier to start brewing your own beer! Whether you're brewing in your backyard, apartment, garage or basement, the Spike Beginner Bundle is the best way to go from average joe, to pro.

Recipe Kit

Beer is made up of four main ingredients, and the NEW Spike Recipe Kits include 3 of those—grain, hops and yeast. Choose from one, two or all four! Spoiler alert: You'll need to grab your own water. 

It's Electric

There's two main ways to heat your brewing system—gas or electric. It's the difference between Fred Flintstone and Elon Musk. Electric brewing is safer (there isn't a hot flame flickering about) and offers more control. With the touch of a button or the flip of a switch, you can control everything. 


Fermentation is the most important step in brewing. So we wanted to set you up with the industry-leading, perfect for intro brewers, most "Flex-ible" fermenter there is! The Flex is stainless steel, easy to use and will last a lifetime. 

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The Core Four

Since the days of old, brewers have been making magic out of four little ingredients: Grains, Hops, Water and Yeast. Want to know what happens when you mix them together? After reading The 4 Main Ingredients of Beer, you'll soon become the new expert. 

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... And We Don't Mean Brewing Alone

Every Beginner Bundle includes the state-of-the-art Spike Bottom Drain Solo System. No stove pots or propane for you lucky duck! Check out Brewing Solo: A Beginners Guide to Homebrewing to learn a bit more about the electric brewing system included in your bundle. 

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A-Z Beer Glossary

Brewing has a lot of "inside baseball" terminology. So we made a playbook for you! Check out the Spike A-Z Beer Glossary to start making plays of your own. 

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