Spike Trio Systems

One of the most popular brewing systems available is a HERMS brewing system. The key feature to the HERMS system is the heat exchanger, located inside the HLT, is used to heat the mash tun. This gives precise control of mash temps and prevents any scorching of the grain. Used by both home and professional brewers alike, the ease of use, repeatability and temperature control will make your brew days a breeze!


What makes the Spike Trio the clear choice?

In addition to offering 0% financing over 36 months, we also give you the ability to increase your production and cleaning speed with our double batch panel upgrade! The double batch panel upgrade allows you to heat elements in the HLT and BK simultaneously. Heating strike water in your HLT for the second batch while boiling your first batch makes for a quick double batch brew day! Also, while boiling, you can heat water in HLT for use in cleaning the system cutting a lot of time off your brew day.


A Spike Exclusive Game Changer - The Steam Condensing Lid

During the brewing process, a lot of steam is produced, which ultimately finds its way into and onto your walls and equipment. During a typical brew day, you'll boil off 1 gallon or more of sticky wort. Think of taking a gallon jug and spraying that all over your walls, equipment, floor, etc; it would make a huge mess. Well, this is what happens every time you brew without any steam recovery system. When brewing indoors something needs to be done to prevent this....

Luckily we’ve developed our new Steam Condenser Lid to solve this problem! The custom lid is designed to convert steam back into liquid so it can be captured. This solution was developed for our Spike Nano system and has proven so effective that we designed one for the entire Spike Trio line. Steam mitigation is a serious concern and needs to be planned for when brewing indoors. Vent hoods are extremely noisy, less affective and very expensive. The Spike SCL adds no noise, is 100% effective at capturing steam and doesn't add additional cost to your brewery build out! That's a win-win-win!

Trusted by Deschutes Brewery


“The system, especially as we have it set up, is really efficient. I'm getting about 84% efficiency with my smaller beers (4.5%-6%) and 75-80% on the higher gravity beers.

I think the biggest reason for this is the fact that the mash is constantly recirculating/vorlaufing. It allows the brewer to stir the whole mash more often as well as keeping a constant flow through the grain bed helping the enzymes break down starches more effectively.”

Jeff Schauland - Deschutes Brewery

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When purchasing a brewing system that costs as much as your first car, you will most likely have some questions come up. That's why we have a dedicated team to help answer any questions you may have. We have helped 100's of people get setup with the perfect Trio for their needs. Be it a basement setup, a garage brewery or a pilot system at a brewery we got you covered! Click below to schedule a call with one of our team members who can assist you in getting the best system for your needs!


How to assemble your system

Below you'll find an assembly video and Product Guides (both Spike Trio and Spike+ Trio) on how to assemble your new dream system!

How to use your Spike system

Below you'll find an instructional video and Process Guide (both Spike Trio and Spike+ Trio) to give you a step-by-step walkthrough for your entire brew day on your new brewery!

The difference between the two Systems

  • Spike
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  • Spike+
  • NPT threaded
  • Connection Type
  • Tri-clamp (TC)
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  • Ease of assembly
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  • Ease of cleaning
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  • Modular Design
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