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  • Along with the high quality welding comes a lifetime leak free design. Simply attach your accessory to the welded fitting on the tank using a tri-clamp gasket and clamp; that’s it. Ditch weld-less fittings that are clumsy to install and have o-rings which will leak and fail at some point. Weld-less designs are a cheaper, inferior connection that you will not find anywhere on the professional scale. Additionally the tri-clamp fittings feature no threads. Tri-clamps are the easiest connection to clean and are the industry standard connection for commercial food and beverage operations.

Stepped Bottom - Boil Kettle

    • Our stepped bottom design creates an upper and lower shelf. This lower shelf creates a dead zone the hops will collect in. This is especially beneficial when paired with a whirlpool (either manual or using a pump) before draining. The side pickup tube drains from the top shelf area which is above the settled hop material on the lower shelf. This results in crystal clear wort being transferred to your fermentation vessel.

Stepped Bottom - Mash Tun

  • The stepped bottom also functions as a shelf for the false bottom to seal against. The stainless on stainless seal means there is no need for rubber gaskets in your grain bed (rubber infused beer; no thanks). This ingenious design also seals better as more grain is added. The additional weight creates a better sealing force. This is opposed to other designs that start to flex or crush under heavy grain bills. The bottom perforated ring helps supports the grain weight while also filtering the wort again before it reaches the pickup tube. All this this creates an ultra-low dead space which allows us to boast industry leading efficiencies.

Homebrewing will never be the same!

"I just purchased 2 20 gallon kettles(HLT for a HERMS system and a BK) in the last month and I have to admit it was the best upgrade. Cleaning and assembling will now be a breeze with TC fittings. Thread free is the way to be! Cheers!!"

~ Spike Customer – P.J.

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