Custom Kettles

At Spike Brewing, we have the unique ability to build custom-designed kettles since we do our welding right here in Milwaukee, WI. We can add 1.5" or 2" tri-clamp ports, as well as full and half 1/2" NPT ports. Whether you want a heating element so you can convert your kettle to electric, a dedicate whirlpool port, HERMS coil ports or pretty much anything else, Spike can build the kettle you've been dreaming up.  

You also have the ability to purchase individual kettles from our popular Solo and Trio brewing systems. Check out the links below to purchase them directly!


To start the process, click the “Contact Us” button below and tell us more about what you are looking for. Feel free to sketch a design using the custom drawing template below and attach it to the form. Either way, we will get back to you via email with any answers you're seeking, an initial quote, and any recommended design changes.

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Questions before you get started?

We've put together a few guides with kettle designs commonly requested by our customers.

Electric Boil Kettle Direct Fire Boil Kettle Mash Tun Hot Liquor Tank



In addition to all the kettle accessories that we offer on our website, we also offer the accessories below as part of a custom kettle order.
    • 1.5" TC stainless steel 5500w element
    • 25' x 1/2" stainless steel HERMs coil (for 10 gallon kettles)
    • 50' x 1/2" stainless steel HERMs coil (for 15-50 gallon kettles)