Custom Kettles

Here at Spike Brewing we have the unique ability to make custom designed kettles since we do our own fabrication right here in Milwaukee, WI. We can add a 1.5" or 2" tri-clamp for a heating element to turn your kettle electric, an extra whirlpool feature, HERMS coil ports or pretty much anything else you've been dreaming up.  

Start building your custom kettle!

If you are interested in quoting or purchasing a custom kettle, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Custom Kettle Template 
  2. Sketch up your custom kettle(s) on the template (select size and kettle use)
  3. Create a ticket with our Customer Service team with the completed template attached and include any additional questions you may have


    From there, Team Spike will:

    • Have the drawing reviewed by our engineers
    • Answer any questions you may have sent
    • Send a quote and drawing back with any recommended design changes


    We’re always willing to help draw up your idea and give experienced feedback on your design. Working lead times are  about 1-2 weeks after your purchase.


    Depending on what size kettle you want, how many ports and all the accessories you'd like to add to your custom kettle order, prices will vary from customer to customer. Below is a good start to see where and how prices will fluctuate based on what you are looking for when customizing your kettle. 

    Additional Ports Cost
    Half 1/2" NPT (threads outside) $30
    Full 1/2" NPT (threads inside and outside)
    1.5" and 2" TC  $50


    Additional Accessories

    In addition to all the kettle accessories that we offer on our website, we also offer the accessories below as part of a custom kettle order.

    • 1.5" TC stainless steel 5500w element
    • 25' x 1/2" stainless steel HERMs coil (for 10 gallon kettles)
    • 50' x 1/2" stainless steel HERMs coil (for 15-50 gallon kettles)