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Nano Brew Day

We've received a ton of emails and social media comments asking for a step by step brew day on the Nano. Watch as Ben (owner of Spike) and Bernard (owner of The Runaway Nano Brewery) discuss Bernard's journey from home brewer to pro brewer, why he decided to go with a Spike Nano and an in depth walk through of the entire system and brew day on Runaway's 1bbl Nano.



You asked and we delivered. Welcome to the 1bbl Spike Nano System, a professional-grade product that can be used at home, as a pilot system or for full-scale nano brewery production. Its design features bottom-draining kettles with a full-length drip tray for quick cleanup. The heart of the system is a commercial grade UL approved panel – available in single- and double-batch configurations – that provides up to 27,000w of heating power. The Nano’s process is intuitive, too; the absence of hard piping and a complex valve tree means the system is both easier to clean and easier to operate. Plus, 85% of the Nano’s parts are sourced and manufactured in the U.S. We’ll even personalize the system with your logo!

$16,500 Shipped

Double batch panel upgrade - $1,000

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When purchasing a commercial-grade brewing system, you’re going to have some anxiety: Am I buying the correct system for my needs? Is there anything I need to know before the system arrives? Is there someone to talk to if I have questions? This is perfectly normal, and we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible. Investing in your Nano includes access to a full-service support team wholly immersed in the system’s features and functions. If you’d like to ask a question, please contact us here. Or, if you’d like to schedule a call with a member of our engineering or sales teams, please click the button below.

Steam Condenser

  • Our steam condenser was built to transform steam into liquid, leaving your brewing space mold-free – no need to spend thousands more on a vent hood and installation. The cost savings continue when boiling. Once at a boil, our heating elements can be turned down to roughly 25% of total capable output and continue to hold a rolling boil. Furthermore, during testing, our team found that with our steam condenser, there was only a 5% boil-off compared to over 11% with a standard open-style boil kettle. Due to the lower boil-off rate, the additional 2+ gallons of product you get from every brew day will add up to thousands in additional revenue over the course of a year.

UL Panel

        • When it comes to the power source of your system, you need to trust that your engine will keep running safely and smoothly each and every brew day. We've teamed up with Electric Brewing Supply, located in Michigan, to design a fully, UL-approved electrical panel to power your Nano System. With both single and double batch options available, you can be sure to count on your electrical power source pumping out batch after batch!

Your Custom Logo

  • Your dream, your business. Make sure your Nano System promotes your brewery proudly. Our system has a stainless steel plate welded to the tank, where you can feature your brand, front and center. You provide the logo and we’ll laser etch it prominently and permanently. If you prefer a full-color logo, we’ll produce a heat-resistant vinyl label, instead. Both options are offered for no additional charge.

Drip Tray

    • When it comes to 1bbl brewing systems, you won't find a more seamless and pain-free cleaning experience. Our domed, bottom-draining kettles and our handmade, cart-length drip tray that sits beneath them to catch boil-overs, drips or splashes, make clean-up a breeze. This sloped drip tray leads to a single exit point, so all liquid and waste finds a smooth route to a collection bucket or drain, protecting your pumps, chiller and floor from a potential mess. Also, our man way door and grain chute make post-mash cleanup a breeze.

27,000 Watts of Power

  • The Nano system is a time saver, with over 27,000 watts of available power across the entire system. You'll find 12,000 watts in both the BK and HLT, and with the double-batch upgrade, you can run both the BK and HLT simultaneously. In addition, our MCS (Mash Control System) helps you hold mash temperatures with ease and without fear of scorching your grain. After a variety of heating design considerations – including a calandria, which was ultimately vetoed, because it’s difficult to keep clean and doesn’t allow for half batching – we chose to move forward with industry-standard, ultra low-watt-density 316SS heating elements placed low in the kettles. This allows the brewer to brew as low as 1/2bbl (15gal) batches and makes post brew-day cleaning much easier than other proprietary heating solutions on the market.

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US Manufactured

One of the biggest accomplishments with the Spike Nano was being able to keep 85% of the Nano being US manufactured. Not everything can be made in the US anymore however it’s part of our company’s values to promote job growth in the US. Most of the parts are coming from the Midwest as well! Just like most of you drink and support local so do we!


The Spike Nano Difference