The Spike Nano System

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The Spike Nano System

You asked and we delivered. Introducing the all-new 1bbl Spike Nano System, a state-of-the-art product designed with your needs top of mind. The Nano can be used as a pilot system or for full-scale brewery production, and its total-system design features bottom-draining kettles sitting a top a full-cart drip tray, ensuring post-brew cleanup is simple and fast. (Your time is valuable, and we’d hate for you to spend the bulk of your day cleaning your system.) The Nano’s process is intuitive, too; the absence of unnecessary valve openings and hose changes allows you to quickly hit efficiencies in excess of 85%, and the system’s easy-to-use UL panel promises pain-free temperature control. Plus, the Nano is 85% US sourced and manufactured living up to our aspiration of making as much as we can here in the US. 

$16,000 Shipped

Double Batch Panel Upgrade - $1,000


Questions? We’re always here to help. Investing in the Nano also includes access to a full-service support team wholly immersed in system function and available by phone, email and chat.

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Spike Nano Unveiling at Homebrew Con

Brian with Short Circuited Brewers stopped by the Spike booth at Homebrew Con to discuss the much anticipated 1bbl Spike Nano System. Watch Ben and Brian discuss the features and benefits of the brand new system!


Nano Specs


Electrical Requirements Nano Dimensions

Features and Benefits of the Spike Nano System

  • ▪ Domed, bottom-draining kettles make deep-cleaning a breeze.
  • ▪ The Nano’s non-proprietary parts are easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to replace.

  • ▪ The manway door is welded in flush with the interior, ensuring an easy clean, and includes a removable grain chute, too.
  • ▪ Make it official: Send us your logo, and we’ll personalize your system by placing the graphic on a panel for you.

  • ▪ Upgrading to a double-batch panel promises a quicker double-brew day, as the panel provides the ability to simultaneously use heating elements in both the hot liquor and boil kettle.
  • ▪ Built in-house at Spike, the hand-crafted cart features a sloped-drip tray, preventing liquid from leaking through your cart and onto the floor, and casters allow for seamless mobility.

  • ▪ High-powered electrical — in either BK or HLT — make for quick heating times, with up to 12,000 watts available in each kettle.
  • ▪ Removable, flexible hoses ensure a quick and transparent clean.

  • ▪ Low demand for hose changes during brew day and the Mash Control System (MCS) element, which lets users hold temperatures, guarantee a simple, efficient brewing process.
  • ▪ A customer support team is available to assist via phone, chat or email — both before and after your purchase.
  • ▪ Most of the Nano’s parts — a whopping 85 percent! — are made in the U.S.
  • ▪ Produced in Michigan, the UL-listed electrical panel includes a double-batch panel option.