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Fermentation might be the most important part of brewing. So many different variables can be manipulated at this stage to give a wide variety of flavor profiles, color and transparency. Things like proper yeast oxygenation, temp control and carbonation are not possible on entry level equipment. We have developed two distinct product lines that will help elevate your fermentation into the Stainless Age.

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Flex Series

  • The Flex line is our newest product for fermentation. The Flex is designed for those brewers looking to step up their fermentation game. We all started with carboys because they are cheap and readily available. However, they don’t offer much in terms of features. Out of the box our standard Flex Fermenter has a ton of added features. It is made from fully polished 304 stainless steel, has all sanitary welded tri-clamp fittings and rotatable racking arm. Plus, you can purchase an additional clear cap, so you won’t miss that clear carboy. The Flex has over 20 add on accessories so it’ll be able to support your brewing needs for years to come!

  • Practical


  • Upgradeable





Conical Unitank

      • Conical Unitank
      • Our CF series fermenters are built for those that want the best. The CF series are all unitanks, which means they can handle pressure up to 15psi. That allows you to carbonate in your fermenter without a separate brite tank or waiting days for your beer to ferment in kegs or bottles. These fermenters are scaled down versions of what you will see at any profession brewery. All sanitary welded tri-clamps, butterfly valves, 60° cone angle and dedicated tri-clamp for use with a blow off cane. If you are ready to step your fermentation game up to the best this is the product for you!


  • Professional


  • Pinnacle


  • Versatile



Flex vs Conical Unitank Comparison


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