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We believe the Flex product line is the most Flex-ible fermenter on the market. The standard Flex is a huge step up from a standard carboy. Made from 304 stainless steel so scratches and shattering glass will be a thing of the past. Not only does the Flex have a dedicated racking port and thermometer port but those ports are sanitary welded (at our facility in Milwaukee) tri-clamp fittings. Tri-clamps are the industry standard sanitary connection. Never before have they been available on a unit at this price point. The Flex+ sets the bar even higher with an upgraded butterfly valve and tri-clamp rotatable racking arm. It also has the high pressure package upgrade and can handle 15psi! This allows you to primary, secondary AND carbonate in one single vessel. With 20 (and counting) accessories available you’ll never out grow your Flex!


  • Accessories Available

  • Hop/Trub Collection

  • Upgradeable




Confused on what accessories to purchase with your Flex? Check out our buyer’s guide to help explain the accessories!

The difference between the two Systems

TC fittings only

  • Ever been on a brewery tour? (Of course you have) Do you remember any of it? (Maybe not). Well one thing you didn’t see on that tour were weld-less fittings. Weld-less fittings use a hole and o-rings to make a leak free seal. The o-rings style has many draw backs, they need to be tightened to a specific torque, wear out and are much more prone to leaking (usually at the worst time possible like middle of a batch). The one positive is they are cheaper but you know our motto: Not Cheaper. Just Better. You’ll only find sanitary TIG welded tri-clamps on our fermenters. This is the industry standard sanitary connection and we’ve made this available for the home brewer.

Available in Flex and Flex+

      • Available in Flex and Flex+
      • The + means better! The main difference between the Spike Flex and Spike Flex+ is the pressure capability. The Flex holds 2psi which allows for a good seal to avoid oxygen permeation and for pressure transfers to a bottling bucket or keg. The Flex+ has an upgraded lid and high-pressure lid clamp which allow for up to 15psi. This allows the added functionality of using your Flex as a brite tank, meaning you can ferment and carbonate all in one tank!


Looking to see the process of using a Spike Flex? We’ve put together step by step Process Guides so you will have confidence to use your new Flex to its full potential! Not only learn how to Oxygenate, Carbonate and Closed Pressure Transfer but why it’ll help you make better beer!

304 Stainless Steel

  • Say goodbye to plastic and glass. Although most of us start off with plastic and glass they have too many drawbacks for those of us trying to make consistently good beer! Neither can easily be cleaned and both have a limited useful life. There’s a reason why professional breweries use 304 stainless steel and that’s why we use it exclusively on all our equipment. It is easy to clean, scratch resistant and will last a lifetime!

Clear Cap

      • Clear Cap
      • Carboys. Most of us started fermenting in them. One advantage we like is that they are clear. Us brewers are nosey and we want to see what is going on in there! Well we have a solution for that… The Flex series allows for our clear polycarbonate cap to be attached so you can peek into your fermenter to see what’s going on in there. And yes, the cap can handle up to 15psi of pressure



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