Single Vessel Brewing System

Spike Solo Presale June 1, 2020

The Spike Solo Presale will be going live HERE at 10am CST on June, 1, 2020!

We have officially set a presale date for the 20g Spike Solo System. Mark your calendars for 10am CST on Monday, June 1, 2020. Below is a summary of the key information you should know before you order.

  • Presale will start on Monday, June 1, 2020, at 10am CST.
  • 20g baskets and 20g systems (5-10g batches) are the only size available for purchase during presale.
  • Individual baskets and full systems are available for purchase (details & pricing are below)
  • Limited quantities available. Presale will end when quantities are sold out. 
  • Presale orders will only be available through our website.
  • Orders placed during the presale starting on June 1, 2020, will start shipping in July 2020.

Product Price
20g NPT Basket Only
Basket +single NPT fitting on top
20g TC Basket Only
Basket +single TC fitting on top
20g NPT Full System
Kettle, Basket, Controller, Pump and Hardware, Chiller optional.
20g TC Full System
Kettle, Basket, Controller, Pump and Hardware. Chiller optional.

Additional information:
  • Solo control panels will not be available for individual purchase at this time due to high demand.
  • We are in the final stages of development with our 10g and 15g Spike Solo Systems and plan to have these available in fall 2020.

Say Hello to the Spike Solo!

We've officially landed on a name for our eBIAB (drumroll, please): Introducing, the Spike Solo! We thought it was a fitting moniker that’s as simple and efficient as the system itself. Here are a few examples of how the Solo could prove to be a game-changer for you:

It reduces your brewing footprint
Designed to be compact and turnkey, the Solo is a great way to brew all-grain without the space requirements. You can use this system just about anywhere that you have access to an appropriate electrical outlet. And because it’s smaller than a traditional setup, it can be easily stowed away when it’s not in use.

It’s steam condenser lid compatible
Our new steam condenser lid (coming soon & sold separately) is designed to fit all sizes of the Solo, making it the most convenient system for brewing indoors. No more standing in the cold outside or worrying about condensation collecting on walls and ceilings inside. 

It’s easy to use
The entire process is streamlined with the Solo and the full system comes brew-ready right out of the box. The kettle, grain basket, lid and controller are all included, making the system quick to set up and simple to operate. And fewer components means less to clean, freeing up even more time in your day!

It’s electric
If you’re looking to make the switch to electric brewing, the Solo’s affordable price point makes it easy turn your wish into a reality. Going electric will give you more versatility and greater control during your brew day. Not to mention electric brewing is cheaper than using gas and you won’t run out mid-brew.

It’s built to last
We source the highest quality materials and components – many of them are used in our other systems – then fabricate each Solo at our shop in Milwaukee, WI. You can count on your system being built with the high standards you’ve come to expect from Spike and can be confident that it will work time and time again on brew day.

Here’s a look at the full system setup and its fit with the steam condenser lid:

Spike Solo video overview!

The full system is compact and turn-key. The kettle, grain basket, lid, controller (not shown) and pump (not shown) will all be included, making it brew-ready out of the box. Check out the video below for a quick overview of a few unique features.

Size, voltage and more!

In anticipation of a late-spring release, refer to the charts below for some eBIAB product specs that may answer some of your early questions.

Basket hooks and specs!

Designed to work with most kettle brands, our stainless steel basket dimensions are specified in the chart below. Check it out and see how you can build on your existing setup with our premium-quality components. 

*Specs shown in graphic are for 20 gallon kettle.


Our eBIAB's control panel is made with professional-grade components – many the same ones from the panels on our Spike System & pro-grade Nano System – and they're built to last. Here’s why you can be confident on brew day when you use our new single vessel system:

Our components are proven to last. And if you run into any issues, the process to change out parts is quick and easy—no sending your panel in and waiting for weeks on end to get it back.

You aren't tied to the internet, so if you WiFi connection goes down, your brew day doesn't go down with it.

Our panels fire up every time. You won’t experience any software glitches or control panel freeze-ups at critical moments.

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