Spike+ Kettles

Brew like the pros do! The newest product to hit our shelves is our Spike+ kettle line. As we do with all our equipment, these 1.5” TC ports are welded by our skilled TIG welders right here in Milwaukee, WI. Say goodbye to teflon tape to get that perfect seal or removing it from your accessories when it’s time for cleaning.

Our engineers have also developed an entire line of accessories for the Spike+ platform.  These accessories will allow for whirlpooling, use as a mash tun, HLT tank with a tri-clamp HERMS coil, sparging and more!

An overlooked design flaw by other competitors has lead to our exclusive offset port design. In line ports don't allow enough room to open/close valves when another valve or thermometer is attached. The offset design spaces the ports out the perfect distance so two valves or a thermometer and valve can be attached without operational issues!

If you are looking for a kettle tailored to your specific needs, don't forget we have the ability of creating a custom kettle! That means electric setups, direct fire, brew in a bag and more!

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