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Double Trouble

Two Brews, One Day 

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One of my favorites features on our Trio systems is the double batch upgrade. This gives us the ability to brew two batches in one day, and on single batch brew days, cleanup is really quick!

Let’s walk through what a Brew Day looks like on each of our panel options. 

Single Batch Panel 

The single batch setup allows you to turn on only one heating element at a time. So you can either heat your Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) water or heat your Boil Kettle (BK). You cannot heat both kettles because there is only enough electrical power for one. In this process, you heat your HLT water and control mash temperature using the HLT heating element. Later, the wort is moved to the BK, where you’ll switch power to the BK. Want to brew another batch? You can certainly start heating your HLT after your first batch is finished boiling. While you could still do two brews in one day, it would take longer. 


Double Batch Upgrade 

With the double batch upgrade (and an appropriate electrical setup of course) you can power both the HLT and BK elements at the same time! As soon as you finish sparging your first batch, you can refill your HLT and heat up water for the next batch, all while the first batch begins its boil. By the time your first batch is in the fermenter, you could be mashing your second batch already. This cuts down the time required to do to consecutive batches by up to two hours! 

Some additional double batch tips: 

  • You can brew two different beers and fill two fermenters or brew the same beer twice and fill the same fermenter. 
  • Not brewing two batches every time? There's still a benefit to the double batch option. While boiling the batch, you can heat water in the HLT and use it for cleaning. 

See our more detailed process to learn how to double batch. 


Mike Cymerman is the leader of the Customer Experience team. He works tirelessly to make sure your Brew Day runs as smooth as possible. He's also one of the longest tenured employees at Spike and the office's self-appointed coffee expert. 


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