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Wort Chiller

12 Reviews

Speed up your Brew Day with the Spike counterflow wort chiller. The hot wort flows through the inner convoluted copper tubing, while cold water flows in the opposite direction through the stainless steel outer tubing. This unique design offers cooling speeds 4x quicker than our previous chiller!

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Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit - TC

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All the fittings needed to outfit your wort chiller.
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A wort chiller is essential for any homebrewer looking to make delicious beer! The Spike Wort Chiller has counterflow technology, which is the most efficient way to cool your batch without the need for refrigeration. While most wort chillers have a copper outside, we decided to make the outside 304 stainless steel so it's easier to clean, more sanitary and looks super sexy. 


  • 1/2" inner high efficiency copper convoluted tubing
  • 3/4" outer stainless-steel shell 
  • 16' total length 
  • (3) 1.5" tri-clamp fittings for wort in, wort out and water out 
  • (1) standard garden hose fitting for water in 
  • 6.3" tall x 10.5" wide 

TC Wort Chiller Essential Add-On Parts Include:

  • 1.3" MQC Fitting (x3)
  • TC Probe
  • 1.5" TC Clamp and Gasket (x5) 
  • TC Tee Fitting 


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John K.
United States United States

Think i got a lemmon

I left a message on your phone line. Right now through trouble shooting I believe therenis a blockage on the wort side. Please make be wrong but i feel like this is coming back to you. I tried 2 different pumps, which wgen I hooked them up from the pump outlet back to the hot liquor tank ,flowed perfectly. Both pumps same re sults. So being i did have PBW inside of the chiller I hooked up water kines to the wort side. Same results. I tried low flow revwrse flush same. In fact if I went over 25% throttle i started getting I startedgetting a baloon in my silicone hoses...both directions. I left my name and number on the recording. Hope to talk soon. Thanks John.

Damian H.
United States United States

Fast cooling!

This chiller is superb. I have already used it twice and easily chilled 6 gallons to pitching temps in about 5 minutes. It is well designed and compact, and fit my brew stand perfectly. Congrats Spike on another great product!

Michael Q.
United States United States

Worth the money

Pulled the trigger on this and never looking back. 5/5 would highly recommend for anyone brewing 1 bbl pilots or less .

SPIKE Wort Chiller Review
Steve W.
United States United States

This is the BEST wort chiller ever!

I've used them all, immersion, plate and counterflow. I even made my own counterflow that exceeded everyone else's! This chiller beats them ALL!!! One word of warning, if you are using a March/Chugger/Blichmann pump and trying to Whirlpool while chilling, the head factor (flow restriction) through this is higher than what you expect so you will need a larger pump. or bypass the chiller when whirlpooling. I am about to try the Spike pump as soon as it arrives to see if it will pump through AND whirlpool, more on this later. BTW - SPIKE has the best customer service, Ryan rocks!

Nick D.
United States United States

Outstanding product

I have been working with a plate chiller for nearly 10 years. Even with flow restricted to about half, I have never able to get temperatures under 75 degrees no matter how cold the ground water was. (used glycol to get lower to pitch temp) I purchased this for my 1BBL brewery. On Saturday I was able to knock out to 65 degrees with no restriction on the pump flow. 32 gallons in approximately 25 minutes. Toss the plate chiller and purchase this product.

4x Cooling Speed

Speed up Brew Day! This unique design offers cooling speeds 4x faster than our previous chillers. This beast will chill 10-gallons of wort in only 5 mins! It's true—we tested it. 

Convoluted Copper Tubing

The inside convoluted copper tubing gives the highest possible heat transfer rate. Copper is about 30 times more thermally conductive than stainless steel, thus giving the best chilling times. The convoluted, or twisted design, creates a more turbulent flow, which also greatly increases the rate the chiller can cool wort. All this combined means you can get to yeast pitch temps faster than ever before. 

Sexy Durable Stainless

Why stainless? Stainless steel is much tougher than copper and can easily handle the wear and tear that is the life of a piece of brewing equipment. Since stainless is not thermally conductive, it works as an insulator for the cool water running through the inside. Stronger and more efficient makes this a win-win chiller. 

Best Heat Transfer

When we say this chiller is the fastest and most efficient on the market, we really mean it. It can cool wort from boil to yeast pitching temps at a rate of 2 gallons per minute. That means a 5-gallon batch will only take 2.5 minutes to cool! See how Spike stacks up against the rest of the competition. 

Wort Chiller Showdown

There are a lot of chillers out there, but when we say our Counterflow Wort Chiller is the best in class and show—we mean it. Watch as Ryan and Adam chat about heat transfer rate, cooling speed, stainless steel, copper, plastic and so much more! 

Wort Chiller Showdown

Wort Chiller Showdown

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