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Spike Turnkey Electric System

Brewing indoors is a step up in the evolution of your process – it’s both more efficient and more convenient. With a Spike electric HERMS system, you can forget about the weather spoiling your brewing plans or the safety issues of working with propane. Once you go electric and move inside, you can select a permanent space for your system where water, ingredients and your gear are all an arm’s length away. And when it’s easy and takes less time to prepare for a brew day, you may find yourself actually brewing more!

  • Weather Problem

    Have you ever had your propane brew day ruined by weather? Is setting up outside a bigger process than the brewing itself?

  • Weather Solution

    Move indoors and go electric! It’s your brew day, on your schedule. Save the propane for grilling lunch during your mash.

  • Actual Problem

    Are your beer results leaving you searching for answers? Does your beer quality change from batch to batch?

  • Actual Solution

    Hit expected efficiencies every brew day with a single electrical panel.

  • Temp Problem

    Is temperature control an endless battle with your current brewing setup?

  • Temp Solution

    Let our eHERMS setup maintain temperatures throughout your entire brew day.

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