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Spike Brewing Systems


One of the most popular brewing systems out there is a HERMS brewing system. The key feature to the HERMS system is the heat exchanger located inside the HLT which is used to heat the mash. This gives precise control of mash temps and prevents any scorching of the grain. Used by both home and professional brewers alike, the ease of use, repeatability and temperature control will leave you with serving your best beer from this day out.


How to Buy a System

We offer our complete systems in both NPT and Tri-clamp versions. Depending on your use and your budget, you'll find a system that is right for you.



What makes the Spike System the clear choice?






“The system, especially as we have it set up, is really efficient. I'm getting about 84% efficiency with my smaller beers (4.5%-6%) and 75-80% on the higher gravity beers.

I think the biggest reason for this is the fact that the mash is constantly recirculating/vorlaufing. It allows the brewer to stir the whole mash more often as well as keeping a constant flow through the grain bed helping the enzymes break down starches more effectively.”

Jeff Schauland - Deschutes Brewery

How to assemble your system

Below you'll find a video and product guide on how to assemble your Spike System!

  • Spike System Product Spike Plus System Product

How to use your Spike system

Below you'll find a video and process guide to give you step-by-step tips for your entire brew day on a Spike System!

  • Spike System Process Spike Plus System Process

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