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Another Spike innovation that we think solves two big issues. The obvious benefit from insulated lines is increasing your cooling efficiency from your glycol lines. The other benefit is the elimination of line 'sweating'. No more pools of water on your floor during those hot Summer days!

*Sold in 6ft increments*

-FDA approved, super flexible PVC tubing
-3/8" ID x 1/2" OD tubing
-3/8” ID matches temp coil ID; no flow restrictions in the system
-3/4" thick flexible insulation
-Eliminates line sweating and dripping onto your floor
-Easily connects to our temp control coil with our new quick connect fittings
-Made in the USA

Detailed TC-100 product guide:
Product Guide.pdf 

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mark k.
United States United States

these are easy to use

Adam G.
United States United States
Good but could be great

Works fine for maintaining fermentation temperatures. But once you go to carbonating temperatures, it sweats all over the place. Due to the thin insulation used. I estimate the insulation is about 1/8" thick. I've just ordered some 1/2" thick insulation to replace this with and will see how that works with the next batch I need to chill to carbonating temperatures (either 35F or 38F). I would also imagine that having the thicker insulation will make the chiller work less since the lines will lose less cooling during transit. IMO, these need to have thicker insulation. 1/2" wall thickness should be a minimum. I'm sure there are people in warmer climates that would benefit from 3/4" wall thickness. The main saving grace (reason I only reduced by one star) is the low cost of the lines with fittings.

mark k.
United States United States
chilling in the brewery

These are nice hoses I give them and a A +++++++++++++++++++++++

United States United States
It CAN sweat

I have my Spike CF10 and glycol chiller unit (Ice Master 100) in the garage, and most of the time this insulated pair of lines did the job. But if you're crashing in summertime with some humidity, then, no, you'll still get substantial condensation and a pool on the floor. I fixed this by wrapping the Spike insulated hose with: 1) a moisture barrier (I just used cling wrap); 2) fiber re-enforced packing tape; 3) a light foam insulating layer (with adhesive an backing); and finally 4) a 1" thick closed cell pipe insulation jacket (1-1/2" ID, I think). This is how I create insulated lines for a remote (glycol-cooled) beer dispensing trunk line. Maybe a bit of an overkill, but NO MORE CONDENSATION! Having said this, the c. 16-inch long connection from the inside wall of the glycol unit to its reservoir still creates condensation, which runs the risk of spilling water into the reservoir and diluting the glycol solution. I am working to further insulate that short line as well, but there is not much room to work with inside the glycol unit. The thin neoprene insulated jacket for the conical is better than nothing but, like the insulated glycol lines, it is insufficient for preventing condensation in many applications. A thicker jacket would be great to have, both to reduce condensation as well as provide greater temperature control.

SPIKE Insulated Tubing Review
Tim K.
United States United States
Fermentation Cooling system insulated tubing

I search the net for two hours and could not find a cheaper better alternative to these Spike insulated tubes for my fermentation cooling system

SPIKE Insulated Tubing Review