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15 Gallon Bottom Drain Spike Trio System

Special Panel Note: The electrical panel for this system has Spike's previous "SB" logo, and does not have an electrical port for the Steam Condenser Lid.

No matter if you’re honing your brewing skills to eventually go pro or you just want the best of the best, the commercially inspired Trio System is for you. With a dedicated hot liquor tank, mash tun and boil kettle, you’ll sharpen your skills just like the pros and quickly create the place to be for you and your friends every weekend. 

NEW Trio Table
Perfect for flat or bottom drain systems, this new table is lower for better accessibility, has adjustable leveling feet and a raised lip to help contain spills. Just check the box to add below! 

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The Trio is an electric HERMS system, meaning that the heat exchanger, located inside the HLT, is used to heat the mash tun. This gives precise control of mash temps and prevents any scorching of the grain. Used by both home and professional brewers alike, the ease of use, repeatability and temperature control of the Trio will make your Brew Day a breeze.


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The Best of the Best

Used by both home and professional brewers alike, the ease of use, repeatability and temperature control of the Spike Trio will make your Brew Days a breeze!

Single Control Panel

Your entire brewery at your fingertips! The Trio uses a single commercial control panel so temperature control, elements, pumps, Steam Condensing Lid, etc. are all in one spot. You won’t find a small touchscreen that makes simple changes impossible in brewing gloves and there’s no software, WiFi or Bluetooth required. And the best part is, our panel requires only one 240v electrical feed. Other systems on the market require two or more. No hidden electrician costs here!

Half Batch Capable

We get constant feedback from our customers that they like brewing a full batch, but they also like the flexibility to brew a half batch as well. Whether you want to try a new recipe or brew for a large party, the Trio accommodates all.

4 Hour Brew Day

Go from mash in to knock out in 4 hours! Fast, efficient and electric, it’s the all-star of brewing systems. Our customers consistently see 85%+ mash efficiencies, which is an industry-leading percentage.

Trio Brew Day

We'll walk you through a Brew Day on the pro quality Spike Trio System. 

Trio Brew Day

Trio Brew Day

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Steam Condensing Lid

Brewing indoors is awesome; however, the new battle then becomes steam. While boiling, you can boil off over 1 gallon of wort. Best case, your walls are now coated in wort. Worst case, that steam gets in your walls and causes mold issues. The SCL captures that steam by using a misting nozzle to convert that steam back into liquid. The SCL comes standard with any size Trio.

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Double Batch Capable

Most systems can only heat one kettle at a time, but with the upgraded double batch panel, you can heat up the HLT and BK at the same time, so you can brew consecutive batches in one day. For the double batch electrical requirments check out the link here

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Not Cheaper. Just Better.

We have built our reputation on quality products. Every year, we send a survey to our customers asking why they chose to purchase equipment from us. Year after year, the answer remains the same: Quality.

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Welded Fittings

Welding is what we do. Our fittings are the strongest and most sanitary connection available.

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CIP Capable

Add our optional CIP ball to the 1.5” tri-clamp port on your lid and connect that to your brew pump. The pump will spin the ball and power wash your kettle, making hand scrubbing a thing of the past!

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HERMS System

HERMS stands for Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System. In a HERMS system, the wort is gently and precisely heated using a stainless coil which is submerged in the hot liquor tank (HLT). Ultimately, a HERMS system provides quick heating without sacrificing precision or control.

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