At Spike Brewing we're not one to give you a sales pitch or convince you to buy our products; we let our professionally inspired equipment speak for itself . However I recently had a customer ask me to give him a sales pitch on why he should buy our kettle over the Blichmann, Polarware or cheap Chinese kettles that are out there. Here's what I sent him: 


"The biggest difference between our brew kettles and the competition is how the valve, thermometer and sightglass connect. They use weld-less fittings which use o-rings for making a water tight seal. We use couplers that have been physically welded to the kettle. Until recently, when we moved to in-house welding, we contracted a company that made huge boil kettles, fermenters and other brewing equipment. We mimicked what they were doing on the professional scale and brought it to the home brew community.

Our kettles are also welded right here in the USA. There is much more work that goes into a welded kettle (vs weld-less) yet our prices are at or below the competitions prices. We can offer such competitive prices since we sell 'factory direct'; no middle man selling our products. Each kettle is sanitary TIG welded to an AWS welding standard producing only the highest quality welds fit for brewing."


Hope that made it clear why we think, check that, why we know our kettles are the most durable, best priced kettles on the market.


Ben Caya

Owner | Spike Brewing

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