About Us

Spike Brewing LLC was started by Ben Caya, a 2012 college graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. We’re proudly located in Milwaukee, WI; the beer capital of the US. The company was started three years ago to make a few extra bucks for Ben’s weekend beer fund. It was a semi full time job throughout college and now we’re supplying equipment for the brewing community full time.

We have been in the home brewing business since 2009. We started off making small batches of keggles from beer kegs. As demand outgrew our supply of kegs we sourced a supplier for our high quality kettles we now use. We are the only company that sanitary TIG welds couplers (for connecting valves, thermometers, etc) and we do that right here in the USA. Most companies use weldless fittings which we believe is an inferior way to attach ball valves, thermometers and sight glasses. Our kettles are bullet proof and will last a lifetime.

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