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Bargain Cave Solo Kettle

The best brew kettle on the market—and we really stand by that statement. Made with the thickest material and U.S. welded fittings, this kettle is a solid piece of steel sold at a factory direct price. Whatever your use is, this kettle will hold up.

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10 years ago, Spike disrupted the homebrewing space by offering brew kettles with welded fittings. While this is a more common practice today, it certainly wasn’t back then.  Commercial breweries were using welded fittings, but the homebrew sector was still using a hole and an o-ring to make a seal. 

Many suppliers still use this method to connect valves, thermometers, etc., however they are prone to leaking and will eventually wear out. 

As of today, Spike is currently the only supplier with a team of experienced in-house welders dedicated to properly fabricating sanitary welded fittings. Spoiler alert: sanitary welds are important when you’re making something that will eventually be turned into beer.


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