Bargain Cave: Spike Trio System - 10 Gallon

  • Bargain Cave: Spike Trio System - 10 Gallon

$4,275.00   On Sale  $5,875.00

**Minor cosmetic issues/blemishes with an old, etched Spike logo!**
If you would like to add any or all of Chiller, Table, Double Batch Panel, please reach out to our Customer Support team at
NPT Trio Features:
  • 2.5 - 6 gallon batch
  • (3) 10gal brewing tanks; HLT, MT and BK
  • 30a (240v) PID controlled brewing panel
    • Controls the 2 heating elements (1 tank at a time) and pumps
    • All electrical cords included
    • Only (1) 240v outlet required; compared to 3 outlets with other systems
  • (2) 5500w tri-clamp integrated ULWD heating elements (also available in 208v)
  • 25' x 3/8" 304SS HERMS coil with quick connect fittings
  • All valves, pickup tubes, false bottom, etc are included
  • FDA approved food grade Silicone tubing and quick connect fittings
  • (2) Food grade pumps; stainless steel heads

Double Batch Panel - Upgrade:
  • Ability to use heating elements in both the HLT and BK simultaneously
  • Heat strike water in HLT for second batch while boiling first batch; makes for a quick double brew day!
  • While boiling, heat water in HLT for use in system cleaning. Ready to clean right after boil.
  • Electrical Requirements for double batch

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