CF10 Spike Conical

  • CF10 Spike Conical


Sorry, the CF10 Spike Conical is not currently available.

Update: Currently in production!! 

We are completely re-designing our stainless conical line from the ground up. We are confident that these will be the best conical fermenters on the market!

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Conical Features:

-304 stainless steel
-Polished finish
-14gal capacity
-Designed for 10 to 5gal batches
-Etched volume markings
-17.0" wide by 35.0¨ tall

  -Huge 2" TC bottom dump (no more stuck yeast dumps)
  -1.5" TC racking port
  -1.5" TC sample valve
  -1.5" TC temp port
All hardware included!

  -4" TC modular top port
      -Allows for hop additions, pressure transfer add on, temp control coil, etc
  -1.5" TC blow off or air lock port

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