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1.5" TC x Barb

Not all hose barbs are created equal! Our special 1.5" TC x barb fitting features a shorter profile and oversized diameter barb. The oversized barb (5/8" OD) is specially designed for our 1/2" Silicone tubing.

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This accessory attaches to the TC ports on our kettles and systems. You can attach hosing to the barb end for controlled flow of liquid.

The larger size does two things:

1) It stretches the tubing over the barb creating a tight fit requiring no hose clamps.

2) The inside diameter of our barb is 1/2" compared to standard 1/2" barbs which have a smaller 3/8" size. This creates a full port design and will not restrict flow going through the barb.

  • 304SS
  • 1.5" TC x 5/8" barb
  • 1/2" ID


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