V4 Brew Kettles

Our v4 kettles have arrived! We've made a few upgrades to our 304 stainless steel kettles to improve your brew day. These kettles still come standard with all sanitary, TIG-welded fittings, done by our welders at our facility in Milwaukee, WI. We make assembly and cleaning as easy as possible at the best value with all our welded fitting options. With the thickest kettle walls on the market, a stepped and tri-clad bottom, you'll elevate your brew day with our kettles. Check out what else is new with our V4 kettles below. 

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NSF Listed

  • For the v4 kettle we made the decision to invest both a lot of time and capital to have our product and facility NSF listed. The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) mark is your assurance that our product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in the world. NSF conducts periodic unannounced inspections and product testing to verify that our product continues to comply with their high standards. With more and more of our customers using our equipment for commercial use it’s becoming more and more crucial to have the NSF listing as many commercial applications may require NSF listed products. At the very minimum you can rest assured our construction, quality and most importantly materials used are safe for making something that will be consumed both by you and loved ones.

Front to Back Handles

    • Another small design change that might go unappreciated until explained. One reason to rotate the handles was it reduces the width needed for a 3-vessel single tier system by nearly 12”. With side mounted handles the kettles need additional spacing, so the handles do not touch. You also need additional room if you plan to hang the lid on the handles when not in use (wait you didn’t know the kettle has a built-in lid holder!?). Instead the lid now hangs off the back and out of the way while saving you 12” of space in your brewery. Another benefit is when carrying the kettle around you won’t be banging your knees against the welded couplers.

Rolled Top Lip

  • Our engineers learned a lot working with the NSF team to redesign our kettle line. One thing they brought up was the completely rolled lip design of most kettles out there. When the lip is completely rolled onto itself it creates a pocket where gunk and liquid can get in but has a hard time getting out. It is also almost impossible to clean. What they recommended was using a partially rolled lip design that doesn’t trap gunk and can easily be cleaned.

Rivet-less Handle Design

    • One thing we noticed in our test lab was that the area around the rivets that hold the handles on always needed a little more cleaning attention. We thought well someone should probably come up with a solution for that… Wait, we’re that someone! Our engineers applied the same sanitary techniques used to attach handles to our conicals to our kettle line. By sanitary welding the handles on (opposed to riveting them on) not only are they stronger but there is no place for bacteria or gunk to build up. Someone say kettle sours…

Find your new kettle

Still looking for a V3 kettle? We have placed all of our remaining V3 inventory here. These will be there while supplies last and are slightly discounted.