Temp Control

Holding a specific temperature while your beer is in one of your Spike Conicals is possibly the most important part of brewing that leads to better beer. We now offer a solution to go with your conical to simply Set it and Forget it! 

Our new TC-100 package will easily hold your fermentation temps exactly where you want them even in the hottest garage in Summer or the coldest basement in Winter. Our dual stage temp controller allows you to set your desired temperature and then maintains that temp by being connected to both a cooling pump and heating unit. Once your temperature moves off of the temp you initially set, either the cooling pump or heater will kick on to maintain that desired temperature. Our neoprene jacket also assists in holding temperatures and stops your conical from sweating onto the floor. It also holds the heater against the conical which is attached via velcro inside of the jacket.

The only additional item needed in addition to the TC-100 package is a cold water reservoir that would connect to your cooling pump. This can be as simple as a cooler with ice or a fridge with cold water reservoir or even a dedicated glycol chiller.




1. TC-100 with temp coil

2. TC-100 with no temp coil



1. Neoprene Jacket

2. Heater (optional)

3. Temp Coil (optional)

4. Quick connect fittings

5. Insulated tubing

6. Cooling pump

7. Temp controller


 Assembly Instructions: 





While our TC-100 bundle is a vehicle to help you control temperatures during fermentation, there is much to research and learn about the process for every type of beer. Here is a list to get you started on methods and help during primary and secondary fermentation!








Through all of these different process and methods, there are a few pro tips that we can offer when using our TC-100 bundle. Here are a few of them!

Room temp is colder than your set temp: Unplug the pump from your cold water reservoir. This will prevent your cold system to kick on if your heater slightly overshoots your set temp. The ambient room temp will slowly cool the unit the needed fraction of a degree. Plug your pump back in when it’s time to cold crash/carbonate and you can then unplug your heater as it won’t be needed any longer.

Cold crashing vacuum: Crashing your sealed conical will cause a vacuum (ever experience a Star San suck back??). To prevent this you can use our gas manifold bundle (seen HERE) to apply ~5psi using a standard CO2 ball lock quick disconnect. This positive pressure will prevent a vacuum from forming.

Racking your beer after cold crashing: If you plan to rack directly after cold crashing it is recommended to not to dump via the 2” port. This can mix some of the material back into suspension. Instead we would recommend racking after crashing without dumping your hops and trub.

Carbonating after fermentation is complete: If you plan to use your conical as a unitank and carb your beer in the same vessel you fermented in you’ll want to pick up one of our carb stones (see HERE). This will allow you to fully carbonate your beer in less than 24hrs compared to up to a week with standard in keg carbonating. To see in depth instructions on how to carb your beer in your unitank fermenter see HERE.