Spike System FAQs

Q: What power requirement will be needed?

A: All systems require a 4 wire 240v line to be installed. We also highly recommend using a GFCI breaker for added protection. All installations should be performed by a professional electrician. The 10-30gal Spike System requires a NEMA 14-30 and the 50gal requires a NEMA 14-50 outlet. 

Q: Do you offer financing as a payment option on the Spike System?

A: Yes! We have teamed up with Klarna, an industry leader in the online financing, to offer you 0% financing for up to 24 months to pay off your shiny new equipment. 

At checkout, under the "Payment Method" header, select "Slice It. Pay over time." to choose financing as a payment method. For more information on how this process works and more details, click HERE

Q: What is the warranty on the Spike System?

A: The Spike System panel has a 1 year parts/90 days on parts and labor warranty. The pumps are warranted against defects for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. Other than that there aren't many components that will wear out or break since everything is stainless. If you ever have an issue let us know and we always try to remedy best we can!

Q: What size batch can I brew in each size system?

A: Although it's impossible to give a for sure size for all needs, as grain bills and boil times for each beer can vary widely, below is a good rule of thumb for each Spike System:


10gal Spike System -  2.5-6 gallon batch
15gal Spike System- 5-11 gallon batch
20gal Spike System - 6-15 gallon batch
30gal Spike System - 10-20  gallon batch
50gal Spike System - 15-32 gallon batch


Q: How long are the cables?

A: The main power cord is 3' long. All three temp probe cables are 12' long. The pump cords are 10' feet long. The element cords on the 10-20g Spike System are 4' and 10'. The 30 & 50g system has 6' and 15' cables. 

Q: Is the Spike System UL listed?

A: The Spike System controller is not UL listed. After discussing with our engineer and panel builder we have decided that it is not necessary to go through the very expensive process of having the panel UL listed. UL only matters when hard-wiring/conduit is involved; a local inspector is only responsible up to the plug. We have many of these systems in breweries across the country without issue!

Q: Can the Spike System be purchased with all tri-clamps?

A: At this time we do not offer the system with tri-clamp fittings. We have specially designed pickup tubes, quick connect fittings, HERMS coil, false bottom, pumps, hoses, etc all to work perfectly well together in the standard NPT threading. The system has been designed so a CIP cleaning process can be performed and all components and internals will be clean.


Q: Can I purchase the Spike System without the _______________ (pumps, controller, etc)?

A: The Spike System is sold as a complete bundled package. We are not setup to offer the system to be broken up and sold as individual components. However if you are looking for just the kettles or one of the kettles we can certainly help out. Take a look at our custom kettle page and shoot us an email of what you need; info@spikebrewing.com


Q: What size is the optional brew table?

A: All of the optional brew tables are made from ultra heavy duty 16ga 304 stainless steel and are NSF listed.  Below are the sizes:


10, 15 & 20gal - 72"W x 24"D x 30"T (900lb capacity)
30 & 50gal - 96"W x 30"D x 30"T (1200lb capacity)


Q: Is the Spike System available for export?

A: Currently we do not offer the Spike System outside the US. This is due to shipping prices which would cost almost as much as the system itself and also power requirements. Countries outside the US use different voltage and frequency and we can't guarantee the controller will work with your power supply. 


Q: Will I need to remove all fittings for cleaning after each brew?

A: No, the system can be CIP'd using the left over hot water in the HLT. Simply add brewery wash to the HLT's water (we recommend 160F water) and run that through all hoses, pumps, HERMS coil, etc. Be sure to open and close the valves as well to thoroughly clean them. We have run many many brews through our test systems and when we've taken the system apart the internal parts are all squeaky clean. 


Q: I want to brew indoors, will I need ventilation?

 A: Yes, during boiling you're vaporizing gallons of liquid and that liquid will condense onto your walls, ceiling, etc unless properly ventilated. We recommend speaking with an HVAC specialist to avoid this. We use a 400CFM exhaust fan for our in house test brewery and that works well to exhaust the vapor out of our brewery.


If you have additional questions please ask!