Nano System Buyer's Guide

Why the Spike Nano System?

The 1bbl Spike Nano System is a professional-grade product that can be used at home, as a pilot system or for full-scale nano brewery production. Its design features bottom-draining kettles with a full-length drip tray for quick cleanup, and with a dualuse mash tun for single infusion and step mashing, it’s the perfect setup for breweries looking to optimize time and achieve efficiencies of 85% or more. The heart of the system is a commercial grade UL approved panel that provides up to 27,000w of heating power – available in single- and double-batch configurations. The Nano’s process is intuitive, too; the absence of hard piping and a complex valve tree means the system is both easier to clean and easier to operate. Plus, 85% of the Nano’s parts are U.S. sourced and manufactured, continuing our effort to make as much as we can at home.

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Batch Sizes

The Spike Nano system allows you complete flexibility when it comes to batch size. Whether you are focused on recipe generation, full produciton, or a mix of both, the system will fit your needs. The Spike Nano is best used for batch sizes between 15 and 32 gallons (half barrel to 1 barrel batches).

Electrical Overview

We are excited to offer both a single-batch panel and double-batch panel for the Spike Nano System. The double-batch panel allows the brewer to heat both the HLT and BK simultaneously. This can come in handy when brewing two batches in a row to save time, or to heat cleaning water in HLT while boiling. Both panel options will also be available in both 208v and 240v.


We are deeply committed to ensuring you make your best beer yet with your Spike equipment. If we can help in any way, please contact our customer support team here.