Kettle FAQ's

Q: How long will it take for my kettle to arrive once I order?

A: Unless otherwise stated all kettles are already welded and in stock. Once the order goes through the kettle will be shipped within 1-3 days. All kettles ship from Milwaukee, WI and our longest transit time is to the West Coast which takes 4 days. Most packages arrive within 2-3 days.

Q: Can you fabricate a custom kettle for me?

A: Yes! We love making custom brew setups. If you need a HERMS setup, whirlpool port, element port, etc let us know and we will be happy to sketch and quote a brew rig for you. For more info see HERE.


Q: What's the difference between the Blichmann, SS Brew Tech, etc kettles and Spike Brewing kettles?

A: The biggest difference between us and the competition is how the valve, thermometer and sightglass connect. The competition uses weld-less fittings which use o-rings for making a water tight seal. We use couplers that have been physically welded to the kettle. We have mimicked techniques that are used on the professional scale and brought it to the home brew community. You will not find any weld-less fittings in a professional brewery and that's why we only sell kettles with welded fittings.

Our kettles are also welded right here in the USA. There is more work and cost that goes into a welded kettle yet our prices are at or below the competition's prices. We can offer better pricing for a more robust kettle because we sell 'factory direct' and do not distribute through retailers. 

Q: Do I need to passivate my kettle before use?

A: No! Passivization has become a buzz word as of recently and there's a lot of mis-information regarding it. Stainless steel naturally passivates with oxygen. There is no need to passivate your equipment at home. There are no professional standards that recommend Star-San (Phosphoric Acid) at room temperature to passivate stainless steel. If you do see a small surface rust spot hit it with Bar Keepers Friend and it'll be gone forever.


Q: Are your kettles induction capable?

A: Yes! Our kettles have a 5mm thick bottom that is made up of a tri-clad Stainless - Aluminum - Stainless layer. 

Q: Do your kettles have internal gallon marks?

A: Yes! Our kettles have electrically etched volume markings every half and full gallon. These should last as long as the kettle does. We do recommend not using Bar Keepers Friend on the etching as it can fade them over time.

Q: Your kettles are listed as 1.2mm thick. I've seen 6mm thick, is that a typo?

A: Our 10, 15 and 20gal kettles are made from a 1.2mm (18 gauge) 304 stainless steel (18/8) and our 30 and 50gal kettles are made from 1.5mm thick 304 stainless. Based on what's out there we have the thickest kettles on the market. Many entry level kettles are .8mm (22 gauge). For reference a stainless steel beer keg is about 1.5mm (16 gauge) and is meant to be shipped around the country and beat up by drunk college kids.
As for the 6mm thickness... When you see 2, 4 or 6mm thicknesses for a kettle it is made from aluminum. Aluminum is much lighter and less tough than stainless steel. A 6mm thick aluminum kettle will dent much easier than a stainless kettle only .8mm thick. When it comes to kettles you really get what you pay for.

 What is the difference between your 'vertical' and 'horizontal' coupler configuration?

A: The vertical config is kind of the standard for homebrewing and that's why we offer it. The horizontal is our solution to a problem. The vertical coupler config has the top thermometer coupler 6" from the bottom. Now if you're to buy a 15gal kettle that means you would need approx 5 gallons of liquid in the kettle until it reached the thermometer. If you wanted to do a 5 gallon batch in a 15 gallon kettle the thermometer may not be submerged. The horizontal configuration keeps the thermometer submerged at all times.

Q: How big of a kettle do I need?

A: The standard sizing is typically:
5 gallon final batch = 10 gallon kettle
10 gallon final batch = 15 gallon kettle

Q: Can your kettles be used on an outdoor turkey fryer burner?

A: Yes! The kettles were designed to be used outdoors on a turkey fryer burner. We personally use a Bayou Classic SQ14 for testing which puts out 55,000 BTUs but customers have told me they've successfully used a burner close to 250,000 BTUs.

Can your kettles be used inside on a stove top?

A: Yes! A stove top doesn't put out the heat of a turkey fryer burner but it'll still work. Caution to those with a glass top stove... I've read on forums that someone had their glass top crack because they used too large of a kettle. We would advise using a smaller kettle if stove top boiling is your only option.

Should I use pipe tape on the threads?

A: Yes! Pipe tape is safe to use and will hold up to the heat. The threads are tapered and thus need pipe tape otherwise they will leak.

Do you offer financing as a payment option on your kettles?

A: Yes! We have teamed up with Klarna, an industry leader in the online financing, to offer you 0% financing for up to 24 months to pay off your shiny new equipment.

At checkout, under the "Payment Method" header, select "Slice It. Pay over time." to choose financing as a payment method. For more information on how this process works and more details, click here.