International Shipping Information

We are always excited to hear from our international friends and appreciate your interest in a Spike System! ! We have been lucky to ship systems to customers all over the world, but it’s a bit longer process than our standard U.S. process. Before we get to a quote, we wanted you to be aware of some important information. 

Average Shipping Costs

Based on our experiences, customers can expect the following rough estimates for shipping costs to respective countries. These costs are estimates based on previous shipments to these respective areas. Many factors go into shipping costs that can alter these estimates. Costs are provided to give our best initial estimation and are not final.

  • -North America - $700
    -South America - $1400
    -Europe - $1100

  • -Australia - $1300
    -Africa - $1000
    -Asia - $900

Electrical Standards

Outlined below are our capabilities from an electrical standpoint. These are strictly recommendations but please consult a local electrician to identify exactly what electrical requirements are needed to operate a Spike System in your country.

  • Standard System Electrical Standards
    -240V Electrical Panel
    -120V Pumps
    -Standard US Wall plug and pump connection plugs included

  • International System Electrical Standards
    -220V Electrical Panel
    -230V Pumps
    -Wall Plug and Pump connection must be completed by electrician in destination country

If you're interested in a quote, please help us by providing a bit more information so we can be as accurate as possible with your international shipment.

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