Conical Fermenter FAQs

Q: What would you recommend to temp control your Conical?

A: First, you'll want to pick up our temp control coil (seen HERE). Next you'll need a cold water reserve. A glycol chiller is very common but is the most expensive option. We would recommend THIS glycol unit. Other options are an aquarium chiller, cooler with ice water or a dorm fridge with water reservoir inside. Next, you'll want a controller (popular controller HERE) and a submersible aquarium pump. The controller will turn the pump on and pump fluid through the temp control coil when temps rise in the conical. There are also many DIY options using an AC unit as a chiller. HERE is a good how to on the DIY AC chiller. Our temp controller will be releasing later this year and all that will be needed is a cold water reservoir. 

Q: Do you offer financing as a payment option on your conicals?

A: Yes! We have teamed up with Klarna, an industry leader in the online financing, to offer you 0% financing for up to 24 months to pay off your shiny new equipment. 

At checkout, under the "Payment Method" header, select "Slice It. Pay over time." to choose financing as a payment method. For more information on how this process works and more details, click here.

Q: What size batch can I ferment?

A: While other conicals on the market are designed for one size batch size all of our conicals were specially designed to brew both full and half batches. The physical dimensions, port locations as well as the accessories like temp control coil were all designed with this in mind. Please see chart below for recommended batch sizes for each conical:


Size Min Batch Max Batch Total Capacity
CF5 2.5g 6g 7g
CF10 5g 11g 14g
CF15  5g 15.5g (1/2bbl) 18g
CF30 15.5g (1/2bbl) 31g (1bbl) 40g


Q: Do you have a parts list and/or assembly instructions?

A: Yes, please see HERE for parts list and assembly instructions for the Spike Conical.

Q: Do I need to passivate my conical before use?

A: No! Passivization has become a buzz word as of recently and there's a lot of mis-information regarding it. Stainless steel naturally passivates with oxygen. There is no need to passivate your equipment at home. There are no professional standards that recommend Star-San (Phosphoric Acid) at room temperature to passivate stainless steel. If you do see a small surface rust spot hit it with Bar Keepers Friend and it'll be gone forever.