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New Steam Condensing Lid

Our new Steam Condenser Lid is designed to convert steam back to liquid that can be collected. If you're an indoor brewer this is a must have! No more expensive and noise vent hoods and no concern that condensation is going to cause issues or mold inside your brewery! This will attach directly to any of our kettles without any additional hardware.

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  • Welding is what we do. It is the strongest and most sanitary connection available. And what is exclusively used commercially. We do this welding at our facility in Milwaukee by our talented craftsmen. Our production staff of 11 (as of Winter 2018) help pump out the highest quality equipment on the market. Our motto is, “Not Cheaper. Just Better.”


    • Modular; one of the favorite words for the Spike engineering staff. Why design a uni-tasker when you can design something that can be used for multiple uses!? All of our tanks are designed to be modular. That means you can use them as a Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun or Boil Kettle (did someone say BIAB!?). This way as you develop as a brewer you can re-commission one of your older tanks to a new use. Old small BK is now a HLT; perfect! No uni-taskers here!


"Purchased Spike 30gal kettles (MT, HLT, BK) to expand our brewery and couldn't be more pleased. Mash efficiency increased right off the bat. Worth the investment. Cleaning is a breeze. Customer service is next level. Certainly a solid product to stand behind."

~ Spike Customer – Eugene D.


    • Why engineer when you can over engineer? Our kettles are the thickest on the market. Why? Because we build things that are designed to be far superior to the ‘competition’ and that will last a lifetime

A Great Kettle!

"I'm very happy with this kettle. I feel like the extra thickness of the bottom and the welded coupler more than make up for the price difference compared to lesser kettles. I had zero scorching with a hard boil. And no leaking. The quality is amazing. Definitely worth the extra bucks."

~ Spike Customer – Dirk H.

Front to Back Handles

  • Another small design change that might go unappreciated until explained. One reason to rotate the handles was it reduces the width needed for a 3-vessel single tier system by nearly 12”. With side mounted handles the kettles need additional spacing, so the handles do not touch. You also need additional room if you plan to hang the lid on the handles when not in use (wait you didn’t know the kettle has a built-in lid holder!?). Instead the lid now hangs off the back and out of the way while saving you 12” of space in your brewery. Another benefit is when carrying the kettle around you won’t be banging your knees against the welded couplers.

Rolled Top Lip

    • After talking to industry experts a flaw of most kettles on the market was brought up. Most kettles on the market have a top rolled lip design. When the lip is rolled onto itself it creates a pocket where gunk and liquid can get into but has a hard time getting out making it almost impossible to clean. What they recommended was using a partially rolled lip design that doesn’t trap gunk and can easily be cleaned; brilliant! 

Tri-Clad Bottom

  • When using with direct fire or induction the tri-clad bottom helps evenly distribute the heat along the entire bottom. Using 400 tons of force, 2 layers of stainless steel are bonded to an aluminum core. Along with the even heating it also prevents scorching like you are more prone to get with a single layer kettle.

Rivet-less Handle Design

    • One thing we noticed in our test lab was that the area around the rivets that hold the handles on always needed a little more cleaning attention. We thought well someone should probably come up with a solution for that… Wait, we’re that someone! Our engineers applied the same sanitary techniques used to attach handles to our conicals to our kettle line. By sanitary welding the handles on (opposed to riveting them on) not only are they stronger but there is no place for bacteria or gunk to build up. Someone say kettle sours…

The difference between the two Kettles

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  • Features
  • Spike+
  • NPT threaded
  • Connection Type
  • Tri-clamp (TC)
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  • Ease of assembly
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  • ★★
  • Ease of cleaning
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • Modular Design
  • ★★★
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