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One, Two, Trio

Started with a kettle and now he’s here…


Greg W. shares his story below…

Growing up, I remember watching my dad make his own wine. It inspired me to find a similar hobby of my own, and there was something about the mix of art and science that instantly pulled me into homebrewing. There are so many possibilities that beer has to offer, so many variables you can manipulate during the brewing process, and a seemingly endless array of flavors to explore. 




My wife (who loves beer just about us as much as I do) got me a 20-gallon Spike kettle for our anniversary, which turned into the gift that just kept giving. It set off this quest for continual improvement that eventually pushed me to pull the trigger on the Spike Trio. Going electric has given me way more control and upped the quality of my beer to the point that I was finally able to take home two ribbons at the Indiana Brewers Cup. 

While I love the challenge of chasing the perfect beer, the one part of Brew Day I always dread is the cleanup. Someone once told me that 90% of homebrewing is being a janitor. The Trio is super easy to clean and maintain, which gives me more time to hang with my two-year-old son, who’s already got his eyes set on taking over the brewery. 


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