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El Heffe

By Greg Wegiel


The Brewer

With 10 years of home brewing experience under his belt, Greg Wegiel’s quest for continual improvement eventually pushed him to make the leap from a 20-gallon Spike kettle to the Spike Trio. “Going electric has given me way more control and upped the quality of my beer to the point where I was finally able to take home two ribbons at the Indiana Brewers Cup,” he says.


The Beer

Hefeweizen is Greg’s favorite style, so it’s no surprise that he chose to create the boss of all beers. "I would say I went through about a dozen iterations of this recipe to get it right," he admits.


The Why

-This recipe follows a fairly traditional German Hefeweizen grain bill, with the addition of some Munich malt for flavor and color. Carapils is used at about 4-5% of the grain bill and this helps with head retention.  

-This beer uses a step mash starting at 110 degrees for a ferulic acid rest which aids in the creation of the clove flavor that is part of the Hefeweizen flavor profile. The temperature is then increased to 152 for the remainder of the mash until mashing out at 170F.

-Fermentation of this style of beer is another key aspect of the style. I pitch Wyeast 3068 at 62 degrees and hold it there for about two days. This is where the ferulic acid is turned into the clove flavor that is found in a Hefeweizen. Next, I let the temperature free rise up to 73 degrees where the yeast performs its job and creates that noticeable banana flavor and aroma. 

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