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Born To Be Mild

By Mitch Gourley


The Brewer

My name is Mitch Gourley, and I live in Elora, Ontario, Canada. I got into homebrewing about 4 years ago when a craft beer-loving friend and I bought some used gear together. We immediately fell in love and both bought our own systems. After a couple years, and a few system upgrades later, I now brew on the Spike 15-gallon Solo system and ferment in a Spike CF5 with the TC-100 control kit. This allows me to have a fast and efficient Brew Day with precise cold side temperature control. 


For me, homebrewing is an escape and a way to unwind. Working as a firefighter can be stressful at times and brewing gives me a creative outlet to do something I love and can share it with my friends, family and my homebrew club.

The Beer
This beer was actually created by a fellow member of the True Grist Homebrew Club, Christina Burbadge. Christina embodied the spirit of the club with her principles of equality, discovery, and her love of all things beer. Born to be Mild won Best of Show in the 2019 Stack Brewing Northern Homebrew Competition. Christina recently lost her battle with cancer, and this award-winning recipe was sold to raise money in her honor. After being approached by Spike, I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to share her story and her delicious beer with the community that she loved.


The Why

-English Mild is widely considered the original session ale. This recipe calls for the uncommon addition of rye malt to add some extra earthiness to the grain bill. Overall, this results in a slightly sweet finish with great malt complexity and drinkability. 

-The beer is mashed at 158 degrees to create a higher amount of unfermentable sugars and a higher finishing gravity, while also giving this low ABV beer some extra body.

-Styrian Golding hops are utilized at 60 minutes to contribute some bitterness and then again at 15 minutes for flavor and aroma. These hops are known for their resinous, earthy notes.

-Finally, this beer is fermented using English Ale II by Escarpment Labs to drive home the malty flavors that make this beer so delicious!

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