Earlier this year we decided to 'revamp' our current kettle design and improve each aspect of the kettle as we saw fit. Below are the following improvements that the new 'Spike 2.0' kettle features:


  • New dimensions for all kettles; 1.2:1 height to width ratio which reduces boil off rate, reduces chance for boilovers, while still allowing for a large surface area for efficient heating.
  • Thicker kettles; industry leading 1.2mm thickness for 10, 15 and 20 gallon kettles. And 1.5mm for 30 and 50 a gallon kettles which is the thickest on the market by 25%.
  • Added a 30 and 50 gallon kettle size
  • New sightglass tube design featuring laser etched volume markings.
  • We are now offering tri-clamp ferrule welding for custom kettle orders.
  • Our shipping boxes now feature an extra thick double wall and come with easy to carry handle holes.


We're really proud of the new kettle as we truly believe it is the best product out there. We're even more proud that all of these improvement were accomplished without raising prices!!


As always if you have additional questions feel free to shoot them to info@spikebrewing.com.