Spike Brewing 2.0 Kettles Are In!

Posted 09/29/2014 by Ben Caya

  Earlier this year we decided to 'revamp' our current kettle design and improve each aspect of the kettle as we saw fit. Below are the following improvements that the new 'Spike 2.0' kettle features:   New dimensions for all kettles; 1.2:1 height to width ratio which reduces boil off... [Details]

Stainless Steel vs Aluminum Brew Kettle

Posted 06/01/2014 by Ben Caya

We might as well start at the beginning with one of the first questions posed to a brewer looking for a kettle; Which style of Brew Kettle to buy; Stainless Steel or Aluminum? This is one of the most controversial issues that doesn't really have a concrete answer; rather the answer... [Details]

Future: Hot Brewing Topics

Posted 05/01/2014 by Ben Caya

There are many heated topics swirling around the brewing community that can be overwhelming to the ‘newbie’ brewer. The internet is full of people’s opinions and they are just that; opinions. Our business is very focused with the brewing equipment (kettles and fermenters) and therefore we have a very good... [Details]